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8th Grade History

Chapter 2 - A Beka Book

England had become a(n) ___ ___ just around the time they began to move to America. Protestant country (where the Bible is freely available to all)
Queen Elizabeth 1 (reigned 1558-1603) Queen of England
John Wycliffe Translated the entire Bible to English and exposed false doctrines of the Roman church
William Tyndale Translated a widely circulated translation of the Bible
Henry the eighth Made the English Reformation official by breaking all ties between England and the Roman church
The English people had a strong what heritage? spiritual
Limited representative government Developed by English rulers and subjects
Magna Carta Signed by the king helped prepare England for limited government
1497 When John Cabot explored the Atlantic Coast of North and America and claimed it for England
Cabot was the first modern European explorer to do what? Set foot on the mainland of North America
Francis Drake First Englishman to sail around the world
Sir Humphrey Gilbert Tried twice to plant a North American colony
Sir Walter Raleigh Sent an expedition to establish a colony on Roanoke Island but failed
John White Sent By Raleigh to establish Roanoke Island
Virginia Dare First English child to be born in America
Croatoan the word carved on a tree that was the only clue to the Roanokians fate
Joint-stock companies where several businessmen would incest in a single company to support a colonizing venture
King James 1 Granted a charter allowing two joint stock companies to undertake colonization in Virginia
The London Company Was to settle in south virgina
Plymouth Company Was to settle in north virginia
Colonist were to enjoy the same rights and liberties as who? Englishmen abiding in the home country
1607 When the first fleet of ships sailed into Chaespeake Bay
Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery The fleet of ships that went to Jamestown
Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in the New World
Why was Jamestown not a great place to settle? 1. it was malaria infested 2. the river water was contaminated 3. hostile indians 4. the settlers were too lazy to work
Communal To belong to the community
Common-store system; socialism Where everyone worked to feed each other; failed miserably
Captain John Smith saved the colony by making the rule "he who would not work should not eat"
"Starving time" The time period when the Pilgrims were starving
John Rolfe introduced Virginia to tobacco
Pocahontas an indian princess married to Rolfe
Indentured servant one who passed an agreement to work for free as a servant for several years in repay for his owner buying his passage to America
Free enterprise, or capitalism Where each man cared for his own
1619 When the first women came to jametown
First Africans in Virginia were purchased as indentured servants, but eventually what happened? They became slaves
Precedents Happenings that serve as examples to be followed in the future
Burgesses Delgates
House of Burgesses a representative assembly in Jamestown
Dissenters Those who did not conform to the Church of England
Puritans wished to purify the Catholic Church
Separatists Wanted to withdraw completely from the official church and form their own independent churches
Scrooby England The village where the Separatists went to escape persecution
John Robinson The Separatist pastor
Leyden Where the separatists lived for eleven years
Why did the separatists want to go to the new world? for their children's physical and spiritual health
Pilgrims the passenters of the Mayflower that came to America
1620 When the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower
Where did the Pilgrims leave from? Plymouth, England
Strangers the non-separatists on the Mayflower
Where did the the Mayflower first land? The far north of Virginia, New England
Cape Cod Where they settled
Mayflower Compact A document all the Pilgrims signed that served as a temporary charter for a form of civil goernment
1620 When the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth
Plymouth rock the pilgrims supposedly used this as a stepping stone
Samoset the kind Indian who greeted the Indians
Squanto Taught the Indians how to hunt and fish and plant
Massasoit chief of Wampanoag
Miles Standish Headed Plymouth's military defense force
John Alden Rose to high political office
William Brewster Elder who served as Plymouth pastor
John Carber First governor
William Bradford Second governor; held the office of governor for over 30 years
History of Plymouth Plantation Considered the first American history book
Council for New England the legal controllers of the territory in which the Pilgrims had settled
Communal system lacked what? the discouragement of diligence and efficiency
What made Plymouth successful? Faith in God a strong belief in Protestant work and free enterprise
The pilgrims gave America an early example of republican ___-___. self-government
Freemen The signers of the Mayflower Compact
General Court a body used to pass laws and conduct business of the colony
1. the Pilgrims were dominated by Scriptural concepts 2.The pilgrims had great respect for the law and for their leaders The reasons the pilgrims were able to successfully exercise representative self-government
The Pilgrims sat an example also for ___ liberty religious
The Pilgrim people were free to attend the churches ___ ___ ___. of their choice
Congregational Church Founded by the pilgrims
Royal Colony A colony owned by the king and administered by his royal governor
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