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6th Grade Ch10

6th Grade Chapter 10 Test Review

What is the area now called where the Aztecs built a great civilization? Valley of Mexico
What ancient civilization built roads and aqueducts? Incas
What were Spain's two most important provinces in the Americas? New Spain and Peru
To develop and control their own economies, Latin American countries are limiting ____ and emphasizing cooperation with one another. foreign investments
What was the first European colony in the Americas to win independence? Haiti
What two leaders contributed to independence in South America? Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar
Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin American countries after independence were concerned mainly with getting ____ and holding power. rich
Foreign companies made huge ____ but did little to help Latin American economies. profits
Copan and Tikal were cities that were part of what civilization? Mayan
The city of Tenochtitlan was the center of what civilization? Aztec
The Incan civilization was located along the western coast of what? South America
The ____ was an imaginary line that divided control of the territory in the Americas between what two countries? Spain and Portugal
Brazil was once a colony of what European country? Portugal
When the price of oil rose in the 1980's, prices for Latin American goods did what? Dropped
The result of the Treaty of Tordesillas is that the language and background of present-day Brazil are what? Portuguese
Born in Latin America with Spanish parents criollo
Mayan signs and symbols hieroglyphics
agreement between two countries treaty
used to carry water to dry areas aqueduct
military officer who rules strictly caudillo
mixed spanish and native american blood mestizo
plantation owned by spanish hacienda
spanish conquerors conquistador
corn maize
spend money to earn more money invest
Created by: andreaketchersid