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5th Grade Ch 6

5th Grade Ch 6 Test Review

What did the Dutch call their colony in North America? New Netherland
Why did the English want control of the Dutch colony? The English colonies wanted to expand.
The Society of Friends, or Quakers, believed that people are basically Good
Quakers believed that violence is wrong
What does the name Pennsylvania mean? Penn's Woods
The right of people accused of breaking the law to be tried by a group of fellow citizens is called Trial by Jury
A person who comes to a country to make a new home there is called an immigrant
Immigrants from this country were responsible for the Conestoga wagon, the Pennsylvania rifle, and barn raising. Germany
The book that Benjamin Franklin published each year with a calendar, weather forcasts, stories, jokes, adn wise sayings was called what? Poor Richard's Almanac
The foothills between the lowlands along the Atlantic coast and the Appalachian Mountains were called what? Piedmont
Many settlers reached the backcountry by following the Great Wagon Road
William Penn allowed Delaware Indians and colonists to settle along with the Quakers in what colony? Pennsylvania
Planting corn, beans, and squash all in the same mound is planting in what way? The Indian way
The first group of Jews in North America settled where? New Amsterdam
Who organized the first trained firefighting company in the colonies? Benjamin Franklin
A safe place refuge
fairness justice
Grains, fruits, adn vegetables for sale. Farm produce
A religious movement started by a Dutch minister in the Middle Atlantic Colonies that called for greater freedom of choice in religion. The Great Awakening
An area of land Township
A person who comes into a country to make a new home Immigrant
A volunteer army militia
A yearly calendar and weather forecast that helps farmers know when to plant crops. almanac
The land between the Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains backcountry
The part of a house located between the ceiling and the roof. Loft
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