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Early Colonization

England's colonization of the 'New World'/13 Colonies

What colonies made up the New England region? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire
Who were indentured servants? People who agreed to work for a family or business for a period of time (7 years) in exchange for freedom in the colonies.
What colonies make up the Mid-Atlantic region? New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania
What type of land, water and climate were a part of life in the New England region? Hilly, rocky soil (not easy for planting), good harbors and good fishing - long harsh winters, cool short summers
What type of land, water and climate were a part of living in the Mid-Atlantic region? Rich, fertile soil (good for planting), good harbors and deep rivers - moderate weather, season changes
What colonies make up the Southern region? Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, GEORGIA!
Who were the farmers in the colonies? Worked their own land, smaller lots, the whole family worked all the time, year round, very hard labor, not a lot of money earned
Who is a colonial artisan? A person skilled in an art form; a craftsman ~ silversmith, apothecary, wax chandler, wheat-miller, gunsmith, clock-maker, glass blower, carpenters, baker...
What type of land, water and climate helped shape how people lived (had jobs) in the Southern colonial region? GOOD farmland (lots of it), only a few harbors, good rivers - long, humid summers with mild winters
What is agriculture? The occupation of farming (preparing fields, planting crops, harvesting crops, raising livestock, getting your produce to market)
New England colonies' agriculture consisted of... small family farms (mostly just to feed your own family)
Mid-Atlantic colonies' agriculture consisted of... larger farms, cash crops (sold for money or traded for other needs) of wheat, corn, rye, barley + what ever was needed to feed the family
Southern colonies' agriculture consisted of... huge plantations (farms made up of many acres of land), worked by indentured servants and slaves, cash crops (sold for money or traded for needed goods) were tobacco, indigo, cotton, rice ~ small family farms were kept too, to feed families
What is economy? The way in which goods/services are made, sold and used in an area ~ careful use of money, resources
The New England regional colonies' economy (or way of making a living) mostly came from... fishing, whaling, shipbuilding ~ trade of lumber, fish and furs - manufacturing became big business later - people lived in or close to town (in a village)
The Mid-Atlantic regional colonies' economy (or way of making a living) mostly came from... some fishing and farming of livestock, cash crops of grains - waterways aided in shipping and trading - people lived in towns that developed as trade centers
The Southern regional colonies' economy mostly came from... large plantations (very little trade due to vast distances between towns, few ports for ships, transportation issues) - most people lived in rural areas, isolated from others
What is religion? an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god
Religion in the New England colonies was largely made up of... Puritans and Separatists - these groups were intolerant (did not put up with) other religions -towns were established by religion
Religion in the Mid-Atlantic colonies was largely made up of... Quakers and others that were diverse and tolerant (would put up with) various religions in one area
Religion in the Southern colonial region was... not a very big deal. Early on, organized religion (where people meet together to worship) did not play a big role in the Southern colonies
Who were the large land owners of early colonial America? the wealthy people, owners of plantations, they did not have to work because they had slaves and indentured servants, had the ability to go to school
What were indentured servants? People who were bound by a contract to work for someone else as a servant or an apprentice
This group of people were treated horribly unfair in the colonies. They were brought over seas against their will, bought and sold like property, worked in fields all day for no pay, and had no rights of their own. Who were they? Slaves
Who are the people in colonial times that only worked in domestic roles, taking care of babies and children, doing house work, making homes for their families? They often did not have an education nor any political rights. Women
Created by: cseckinger