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Period of artistic creativity Renaissance
Ancient Greek and Roman works Classical
Early navigation tool astrolabe
Caravels Ships
Journey to a holy land pilgrimage
Viking Sailor Leif Erikson
Admiral of the Ocean Christopher Columbus
Leading explorers in the 1400's Portuguese
Means "peaceful" Pacific
To sail around the world circumnavigate
Invention that helped Marco Polo's travels gain a wider circulation printing press
Explorer who discovered the long-awaited eastern sea route to Asia Vasco da Gama
The treaty that gave Spain most of North America and South America Treaty of Tordesillas
Trading post in Western Africa, the Portuguese traded for mostly ______________ gold and slaves
Explorer's crew that was the first to circumnavigate the world Magellan
_________________ were influenced by the classical Greek and Roman works. Renaissance
French explorer Cartier arrived in North America, he was looking for the _________________. Northwest Passage
Voyages of Christopher Columbus led to contact and an exchange between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americans called _______________. The Columbian Exchange
Broke from the Catholic Church and began a new religious movement. Martin Luther
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