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Modern American History-MAH

Imperialism taking over other countries
Manifest Destiny America's God given right to conquer
Isolationism No foreign involvlements
The Monroe Doctrine Expand America into the Western Hemisphere: no more European settlement
Roosevelt Corollary "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Dollar Diplomacy Imperialism through the economy
Yellow Journalism News used to sway public opinion
Open Door Policy Used in China to call for all nations to engage in free trade
Spanish American War Allows America to emerge as a world power
Henry Cabot Lodge Every great country needs to expand
Carl Shurz Imperialism is Un-American
Josiah Strong Spread White Anglo-saxon culture
Alfred T. Mahn Imperialism by naval force
Hearst and Pulitzer Journalist engaged in Yellow Journalism
Teller and Platt Amendments Policies in Cuba as result of Spanish American War
Ethnocentrism My culture is the BEST culture
Created by: MrsMaurer