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Ch 3 ss test

Social studies test

Where were many settlements located? Fertile Crescent
The Fertike Cresent was good for what? Growing crops
When did the neolithic age end? 8000 BCE
What discovery was made in the neolithic age? How to use metal to make tools
What is the greatest benefit of farming A stable food supply
What is farm in Ga combination of Growing crops and domestication
How did people of the Paleolithic age obtain food Hunting animals and gathering plants
What affects did building shelters have Protected us from weather and animals, made life more comfortable, allowed new ways to cook
What did people cook in Clay line pots
What were goats and cattle domesticated for Their meat end milk
What were mules used for Labor around farms
Why did people built high doorways To protect themselves from animals and enemies
The discovery of farming around 8000 BCE I sweat social scientists define as what The beginning of the Neolithic age
What led to communities Farmers growing more food to support more people
What is specialization When people focus one job to get better at it
Having more time made Neolithic men make their lives more what Beautiful
Why did neolithic people trade To get resources they didn't have in their area
What helped people learn a variety of skills Dividing up the work
What happened when neolithic traders traveled They found out how other groups lived
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