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Gen/o - Ist

gen/o- race; genotype- race or classifcatioin
geni/o chin; geniectomy- cutting out the procedure of chin; Frank Burns didn't need this
genit/o- reproductive or birth; genital (do I really need to define this word)
genu- knee; genuclast- knee breaking, How the Irish ided a traitor
-gen origin, develop, to produce, to form, to make; carcingen- that which causes cancer to form
ger/o- old or old age; geriatric- study of old age
gest- to bear or separate; gestation- to separate from the baby during birth (the time of conception to birth)
gingiv- gum; gingivitis- inflamation of the gums`
glandul/o- little acron or gland; gland.. glandular maybe slightly obvious
glauc/o- waterfall or gray; glaucoma- grayness in eyes of old dogs
gli/o- glue or glue-like; glioma- glue tumor
glomerul/o- small mass or tiny ball; glomerulitis- inflammation of the kidney functional unit of filter
gloss/o- tongue; glossitis- inflamtion of the tongue
glotto- back of the tongue; epiglottis- structure at the back of the tongue
glut- buttocks- glutitis
glyco- sugar; glyccopenia- refering to a decrease in sugar
-gnosis knowledge; diagnosis- total or complete knowledge
goiter swelling (throat)
gon/o- seed or seed producer; aka gonods
gout to drop
-grade a step, stage, or degree in a process; retrograde- backward or behind a step
-graft to probe or cut with a knife; dermograft- to probe the skin ith a knife
-gram to record; myogram- to record muscle activity
-graphy procedure of using an instrument to do recording; myography- a procedure where you use and instrument to record muscle activity
-graph instrument
gravid/o- heavy or pregnant; gravida- means pregnant women
groin inguinal region; groin-region beytween thigh and trunk
gumm/o- gumm or gum-like; gummo ... gum, the word duh comes to mind
gust/o- tasting or to taste; gystation- to taste or the process of tasting
gynec/o- woman; gynecologist- science of woman
hallux- great or big toe; halluxectomy- big toe removal
haplo- half (single); haploid- half set of chromosomes
health wholeness
helico- spiral; helical dna- spiral
helio- sun; heliopathy- injury caused by the sun
helminth/o- worms or worm; helminthiasis- diseases caused by worms
hem/o- blood; hemorrhage
heme- iron; hematin- small part iron
hemi- half or one half
hepat/o- liver; hepatitis- inflammaton of the liver
hept/a- seven; heptadactylia- having seven fingers or toes
herni/o- rupture or protrusion; hernia-condition that could rupture
herpes to creep; herpes are creepy
heter/o- other or opposite; heterogenous- state of bein gopposite
hiat- an opening; hiatal- refering to an opening in the head
hidr/o- sweat; hidrosis- condition of abnormal sweating
hirsut- hairy or profound hair; hairsutism- extremely hair person
-hiscence to gape open; dehiscence- an injury thatgapes wide open
histo- web-like or tissue; histology- study of thw web-like tissue
holist/o- whole; holistic medicine
homeo- same, constant, or unchanged; homeostasis- remaining the same
hormon/o- to urge on: hormonal- chemicals in the body that urge on emotions
humer/o- arm (upper); humeral referring to the upper arm
hyal/o- glassy or glass like; hyalase- glass like enzyme, used to breakd own tisse on contact
hydro- water; duh
hyper- increase or above; hypertension- high blood pressure
hypn/o- sleep; hypnosis- the conditon of sleep like brain wave patterns
hypo- under or below; hypotension- blow blood pressure
hyster/o- uterus; hysterectomy- the removal of the uterus
iatr/o- treat or cure, procedure of treating; geriatric- to treat old age
-ia refers to, condition, state of; estesia- condition of being able to feel
ichthy- fish or fish like; ichthyosis- have a fungus creating a condition of fish like scales
-ician one who; dietician- one who performs diet evaluations
-icle small or tiny; icle-ronikins (little Ron)
-isy inflamed; pleurisy- inflmation of the ribs
ide/o- idea, thoughts, emotions, image; ideo = idea
idio- unique to or unknown cause; idosynchrosies- odd this people due
-id state of; morbid- a state of being diseased
ile/o- twisted; ileum- a part of the intestines that is twisted (3rd part of the small intestines about 15 feet)
ilio- flank; ilium- refering to the muscle on the outer pelvic flank area
im- into or not; implant
immun/o- safe, protect, immune; immunology- the science of protecting the body from disease, ect
in situ in position or location
in- into or not
incus anvil; mallus/incus/stapes- hammer/anvil/stirrup (shapes, the three tiny ossicles or middle ear bones
infarct to stuff into; infarction- refering to stuff stuck in an area, a clot or blockage that causes diminished blood flow to the heart or other body parts
infect/o- to invade; infection- the process of invading
inflam/o- flame within; inflammation- the process of created a flame within
infra- under or below; infraclavicalar- under or below the collar bone
inguin/o- groin; inguinal- refering to the groin area between the belly and thigh
-ing procedure of or process of; operating- the procedure of working on the body
integu- covering; integument- refering to a state of skin covering the body
inter- between; intercellular- refering to the area between the areas between the cell chambers
intra- within; intranuclear- refering to the with the nut
intro- within; introspect- to view within
intus- within; intusseception- the process sllipping a body part within the lower body part
-in substance or chemical; gastrin- the chemicals found in the stomach
-iole smaller, lesser, diminutive; bronchiole- smaller trachea-like tubes
ion/o- going, ion movement; iontotherapy- treatment by introducing ions into the body
-ior one who is; inferior- one who is under or below
-ious state of; delirious- a state of mental confusion or excitement
ipsi- equal; ipsilateral- process of creating equal sides
ir- not or lack of; irregular- refering to somethign that is not regular
ir/o- rainbow; iris- refering to the rainbow that the color of iris is
isch/o- deficiency, blockage, to hold back; ischemic- referering to the lack of blood
ischi/o- hip joint or hip; Ischiodynia- hip pain
-ish resembling or related to; lapish- resembling a stone
-ism state of or condition of; giantism- state of being very large
iso- equal or same; isotonic- refering to the same pressure
-ist specialist; endocrinolgoy- a specialist that focuseeson the endocrine system
Created by: kccroy
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