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Colonial America 1-2

US History Chapter 3 lessons 1-2 Study Guide

charter a document granting the recipient the right to settle a colony
joint-stock company a company in which investors buy stock in return for a share of its future profits
headright a 50-acre grant of land given to colonial settlers who paid their own way
burgess elected representative to an assembly
dissent to disagree with or oppose an opinion
persecute to mistreat a person or group on the basis of a belief
tolerance the ability to accept or put up with different views or behaviors
England and Spain Fighting between what two countries kept John White from returning to Roanoke for nearly three years?
the Virginia Company What is an example of a joint-stock company?
The starving time What did the Jamestown colonists called the winter of 1609–1610?
tobacco Which crop saved Jamestown by making money for the settlement’s investors?
Virginia Dare She was the first English child born in the American colonies.
Croatoan Island Although bad weather kept John White from investigating, he thought the Roanoke settlers might have moved here.
profits In a joint-stock company, investors buy shares, or part ownership, in the company in the hope of sharing future _________.
burgesses The men of Jamestown elected representatives called ____________________ to enact local laws.
women When the Virginia Company sent ____________________ to Jamestown, and marriage and children became part of life in Virginia.
Royal In 1624 King James took control of the Virginia Colony from the Virginia Company, making the area a ____________________ colony.
Rhode Island Where in America was religious tolerance first practiced?
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut This was the first written constitution in America.
Squanto and Samoset They helped the Pilgrims survive in Plymouth.
Mayflower Compact A pledge, signed by the pilgrims, to obey the laws of the colony
Puritans What were Protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican Church called?
John Rolfe Pocahontas married him.
Separatists What group sought to leave the Anglican Church and form their own church?
King James I Who was England’s first permanent colony in North America was named after?
Pilgrims Because their journey had a religious purpose, passengers on the Mayflower called themselves this.
Great Migration What movement led 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts in the 1630s?
Pocahontas Who was the Powhatan chief’s daughter who married an English settler?
indentured servants People who paid for their passage to America with labor were called________________.
King Henry VIII Which English king broke from the Catholic Church and formed the Anglican Church?
The Dutch Who brought the first enslaved Africans to the colonies?
Croatoan When John White returned to an abandoned Roanoke, what word did he find carved into a tree?
North Carolina Roanoke is an island off the coast of what current state?
Jamestown .In 1607 three ships with 144 settlers entered the Chesapeake Bay and went on to establish ___________.
Puritans The ____________________ came to America for religious freedom, but they refused to grant that same freedom to people of other faiths.
Captain John Smith Under whose leadership did the Jamestown settlers survive their first two years?
Metacomet Wampanoag leader also known as King Philip.
Spain What country had a feared and powerful Armada?
Sir Francis Drake Who was an English pirate who stole from the Spanish?
John White Who was the leader of the Roanoke settlement?
Created by: Ms Plyler
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