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Social Studies 2015

stable food supply when a civilization has a stable way of acquiring enough food to feed the whole civilization
government the system that keeps civilizations in order
art & architecture a civilization’s style of building and creation
religion a civilization’s beliefs / way of thinking
technology a civilization’s inventions and innovations
social structure a civilization’s levels of “popularity” for example; kings are more “popular”/important than slaves or peasants
writing a civilization’s of communicating and keeping track of information
civilization a society that has its own stable food supply, government, art & architecture, religion, technology, social structure, and writing
Egyptians the citizens of Egypt that have the same culture
river-valley civilization a civilization that sits next to a river, and use it to their benefit
Sumerians the ancient people of Sumer, the first people on Earth to live in cities
Christianity the world's most popular religion, believed that Jesus was the son of God, and the messiah
Hebrews/Israelites people of a religion that believed Jesus was the son of God, that only certain food were holy enough to eat, and a messiah would come, but not Jesus
Jesus the son of God, to the Christians, the messiah, was crucified, and resurrected
Judaism the religion of the Hebrews and Jews,
Torah the first 5 of 24 books of the Tanakh, which holds the stories and lives of God, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Paul, etc.
bible a collection of texts sacred to the Jews and the Christians
5 pillars of faith Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Siyam, and Hajj
Shahadah the first pillar, profession of faith
Salat the second pillar, daily worship
Zakat the third pillar, Almsgiving
Siyam the fourth pillar, fasting
Hajj the fifth pillar, pilgrimage
Makkah the city where Muhammad was born and died, and where Islam started
Muhammad the founder of Islam
Muslim the people of Islam
Qur'an the sacred religious texts that show the teachings of Muhammad, from the angel Gabriel
No-theism a religion that follows no god or gods, but a way of life, and beliefs on how to live that life
Buddha the god of Buddhism, the creator of the religion
Caste System the status of people from their birth, ranging a leader or a farmer
Enlightenment finding peace as a human, becoming one with your mind, and accepting fate and life
Hinduism a religion from so long ago that no one knows how it started, and is a way of life, a no-theism religion
Karma the thought that what goes around comes around, you get what you deserve
Reincarnation the thought that after death, your soul was moved into an organism that was being born
Vedas one of the first sacred texts of the Hindus
Siddhartha Gautama the "founder" of Buddhism, he became the Buddha, and led the followers of this religion
Buddhism a religion started by Siddhartha Gautama, later known as the Buddha, where finding peace comes from no desire, so suffering can end
polytheism a religion that believes in more than one god
Created by: snorris663
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