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Chapter 13 Practice

A Practice for World History Chapter 13

What group of invaders overran the western Roman empire? The Germanic Tribes.
What were some effects of the constant warfare between Rome and the invaders? Disruption of trade, Downfall of cities, and population shifts, decline of learning, and loss of a common language.
Who was the leader of the Franks? Clovis
During the 700's who had the most power in the Frankish kingdom? Major Domo
In 768 who became emperor? Charlemagne
Who became emperor after Charlemagne? Louis the Pious
What invaders brought down the Carolingian Empire? Muslims, Magyars, and the Vikings.
Who was the first person to reach North America? Leif Erikson
What was Leif Erikson? A Viking
Who was At the top of the pyramid of feudalism? The King
Who was at the bottom of the pyramid in feudalism? Peasants
Who lived in the Manor house? The Lord his family and his servants.
What were caltrops used for? To hurt enemies and their horses.
What were knights always expected to always do? Always show courage on the battlefield.
Who did a knight devote his life to? His earthly lord, his heavenly lord, and his chosen lady
What were the three stages to knighthood? Page, Squire, then Knight
What was the function of a tortoise? It was a moving shield for soldiers.
What were some main themes of literature? Adventures of knight, and romance stories.
What were the mock battles called? Tournaments.
What did a pope wear to symbolize his power? A tiara
Who had the most power in a church? The Pope
Who had the least amount of power in a church? The Bishop
Who was the first leader of the Holy Roman Empire? Fredrick I
How do people become part of the Christian community? By getting baptized
Who was said to be the most effective ruler of ancient Germany? Otto
Created by: 20mturcina
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