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Chapter 7

P - The Achaemenid Empire Satrapies appointed by central government. Military power, spies in each territory.
I - The Achaemenid Empire There were various water resources and possible trade routes in the empire.
R - The Achaemenid Empire Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion; believed in deities and was based on good vs. evil
A - The Achaemenid Empire Structures included vast reception halls, lavish royal residences, and a protected treasury.
T - The Achaemenid Empire Communication systems: Persian Royal Road and postal stations. Horse-riding, archery, administration
E - The Achaemenid Empire Replaced irregular tribute payments with formal taxes were pastoralists
S - The Achaemenid Empire Diverse empire, sharing cultural traits with Aryans
P - The Seleucids Victor of was, Selucus, maintained administrative and taxation systems. Founded new cities.
I - The Seleucids Different regions provided more resources and more tradable goods
R - The Seleucids Earliest religion was centered on natural forces and geographical features
A - The Seleucids Greek migrants encouraged the mix of cultures and arts within the empire.
T - The Seleucids Trade traveled both over land routes, including newly constructed highways such as the Persian Royal Road.
E - The Seleucids Slaves worked in both cities and countryside due to rebellion or debts unpaid
S - The Seleucids New class of educated bureaucrats emerged and given prominent place in society
P - The Parthians Did not have a centralized government, organized themselves through leaders who determined policy for all allied groups
I - The Parthians They allowed their horses to forage for food on the steppes during the winter.
R - The Parthians Had considerable change, as thinkers sought to adapt messages to circumstances of complex society
A - The Parthians Art was greatly based on military action such as a Parthian on a horse using a bow and arrow
T - The Parthians After discovering alfalfa, their larger animals could then support heavily armed warriors outfitted with metal armor.
E - The Parthians Employed Achaemenid techniques of administration and taxation
S - The Parthians Retained customs and traditions of nomadic peoples from the steppes of central Asia
P - The Sasanids Stabilized their western frontier and created a series of buffer states between and Roman empire.
I - The Sasanids The Sasanids recreated the splendor of the Achaemenid empire.
R - The Sasanids Magi still transmitted doctrines orally, and an untold number of hymns and holy verses disappeared
A - The Sasanids They devoted their famous engineering skills to the construction of roads and dams.
T - The Sasanids Devoted their famous engineering skills to the construction of roads and dams
E - The Sasanids Sasanid merchants traded actively with peoples to both east and west. Communication Iran
S - The Sasanids Cross-cultural influences were especially noticeable in the empire
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