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Lucky Luke 1

First vocab list

Un chasseur A hunter
Un chasseur de primes A bounty hunter
Chercher To look for
Longtemps A long time
Celui-là That one there
Attaquer To attack
Une récompense A reward
Je ne mange pas de ce pain là I don't do that kind of thing...but literally, I do not eat that kind of bread.
Je le savais bien I was sure of it, or I knew it
Fier Proud
N’ayez crainte Don't be afraid
Selon According to
J'espère I hope
Souvent Often
L'occasion The opportunity
Ensemble Together
Gâcher To ruin
Gagner son pain To earn one's living
Un proie A prey
Le mépris Contempt
Se débrouiller To to take care of oneself, to get along, to manage
Les frais The costs
Chacun Each
L'enterrement The burial
Vocation ou métier Occupation or work
Le coupable The guilty one
Dénoncer To rat on
Se venger To seek revenge
Contre Against, in exchange for
Lors At the time of
Faire des affaires To do business
Grâce à Thanks to
Grandir To grow bigger
Il faut que It is necessary
La viande The meat
Livrer To deliver