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history of europe

trade exchange of goods
colony body of people living in a new territory but retaining ties with parents state
empire group of lands under one ruler
revolution a great and often violent change
imperialism system of building empires for military and trade advantages
alliance when close associations of nations or group are formed
nationalism extreme loyalty and devotion to a nation
regime the government in power at any given time
armistice temporary halt in fighting; a truce
holocaust time period in which hitler murdered millions of jewish people
reunification bringing back together the 2 parts of germany under 1 government
independence becoming free from someones rule
nazism following beliefs OF ADOLF HITLER
fascism type of government that has entire control over people
totalitarianism belief that government goals is more important then individual rights
treaty formal agreement between 2/more groups in relation to peace economics and/or international issues
reparations defeated powers in a war must make payments of money, goods and services to the winning powers
anti semitism bad feelings toward Jews
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