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vocab word strip #2

us history

slash-and-burn agriculture farming in which farmers chop down and then burn trees on a plot of land
deganawida a native American who advised the Iroquois nations to form an alliance
Iroquois league the alliance of the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida ,Onondaga, and Seneca
European middle ages the period from the late 400's to about the 1300's
feudalism a political system in which a king lets nobles, or lords , use lands in return for military services
manor system a system in which lords divide their lands into manors, or large estates, farmed by serfs
crusades a series of wars to recapture the holy land
renaissance a time of increased interest in art and learning
reformation a movement to correct problems in the catholic church
navigator a person who plans the course of a ship using instruments to find its position
caravel a ship with a triangular and square sails that improved the ability of sailing nearly into the wind
Christopher Columbus an Italian sailor who reached the Americas when he sailed across the Atlantic ocean in search of Asia
Created by: cheychey4