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Rome Study Guide

Chapter 6

Why did Roman rulers oppose Christianity? Because Christians would not worship Roman gods.
A _____________ is a government in which power resides with citizens who have the right to select their leaders. republic
Who is considered to be the first pope of the Christian church? Peter
What was the period of peace and prosperity that lasted 207 years? Pax Romana
Which emperor divided the empire into Greek-speaking East and Latin-speaking West? Docletian
What were Rome's military forces called? legions
What were the Roman channels that brought water to cities and towns around the empire? aqueducts
Greco -Roman culture is also referred to as what kind of culture? classical
Who moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium? Constantine
Which Christian leader wrote letters that formed the Epistles of the New Testament to groups of believers? Paul
What were the common citizens of Rome called? plebeians
Which Roman ruler held the title of dictator or absolute ruler at the time of his assassination by members of the Senate? Julius Caesar?
What is the main source of information about the life of Jesus of Nazareth? the Gospels in the Christian Bible
Christianity embraced all people: men and women, rich and poor; Rome's excellent roads encouraged the exchange of ideas; Jesus promised eternal life: These are all reasons for what? The easy spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
In early Rome, the chief executives of the government were called what? consuls
Why did the emperor divide the Roman Empire? to make control of the Empire more efficient
The huge amount of money spent on defense, coupled with inflation, the invasions by Germanic tribes and by Huns, and the disruption of trade were all causes of what? decline of the Roman Empire
The forced dispersal of Jews was called the Diaspora
As a result of the 207 year ______ _________, the Roman Empire experienced peace and prosperity. Pax Romana
Spanish, French, and Italian had their roots in the ________ language. Latin
Why was Augustus the most able emperor of Rome? He stabilized the frontier, erected splendid public buildings, and created an enduring government.
Architecture, engineering, law, and language were part of the legacy of the _________ ___________. Roman Empire
_________ and the ___________ ___________ are still strongly influenced by the achievements of Rome. Europe and the United States
Who led a force of more than 50,000 soldiers and 60 elephants across the Alps to invade Italy? Hannibal
Who were the wealthy, aristocratic landowners who held most of the power in the early republic? Patricians
Who gave the Romans their alphabet and their knowledge of architecture, including the arch? Etruscans
Who first settled the land on the bend of the Tiber River that was to become Rome? the Latins
What were the officials called that shared the powers of ruling the republic and whose time in office was limited to one year? consuls
In the early Roman republic, this was someone whose power was absolute but whose time in office was limited to a six-month period dictator
The family of languages that developed from Latin are called what? Romance languages
Who wrote the Aeneid? Virgil
How were the people of Pompeii killed? volcanic eruption
Roman _______________ were slaves that were forced to battle to the death before an arena full of eager spectators. gladiators
Under whose rule did Rome enter a 200-year period of peace and great prosperity known as the Pax Romana? Octavian
The First __________ was a group of three rulers, including Crassus, ___________, and Pompey Triumvirate; Caesar
This person was a daring Roman general during the Second Punic War Scipio
Common farmers, merchants, workers, and artisans that made up the majority of Roman citizens. plebeians
A _____________ was someone elected to represent the lower class of Roman citizens. tribune
A person is innocent until proven ___________ was an important principle of Roman law. guilty
The design of the Roman aqueducts made significant use of the architectural structure of the ________. arch
Created by: harmona71
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