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Cold War

Capitalism A political and economic system where private owners own their own businesses and company's', not the state government
Communism A political theory by Karl Marx where the government owns businesses and company's' but everyone works and gets payed the same
Economic policy Actions by the government to influence its economics
Political policy Actions by the government from the executive branch to solve the problems with laws and institutional customs
The US policy Containment
Ho Chi Min Trail A series of trails that were created by north Vietnam to send supplies back and forth
Geneva Accords Divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel
Vietnam War Lasted 20 years, South Vietnam and US lost, lots of bombs dropped, Stopped free elections in North for Communist Leader
My Lai Massacre Killing of 300 to 500 unarmed civilians in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968
Tet offensive Largest attack in Vietnam and stated most deadly battles after
Korea war Divided at 38th parallel, 1945 Potsdam Conference (Last big meeting of the big Three), War unofficially ends, War was 3 years
Salt II Treaty Failed to be signed by US and SU to reduce nuclear weapons
Mujahideen Group of Afghanistan's protesting and battling to change their government
Afghanistan War Mostly about religion, King dies and Communist government takes over, Communist lose, New government today (Democracy)
Cuban Missile crisis SU sets up missiles in Cuba right at US, US sends attack at Bay of Pigs but fails,Treaty signed which removes missiles from both sides
"Hotline" direct telephone line in constant use to facilitate immediate communication
Cuban Alliance Cuba and the SU became friends and the SU sent supplies to Cuba to defend itself from the US
Cult of personality Creating an image of a person as a savior or a great leader - building them up to be the answer to everyone's problem
Appeal to Fear An illusion that you had better do something or not or you will regret it
Appeal to Prejudice Often closely related to racism, this is when you put the blame for problems on another group of people, often an ethnic group, or promote a sterotype
Flag-waving This is an attempt to stir up emotions of nationalism by illustrating the countries flag in a heroic, patriotic, or romantic wat
Name-calling Attaching a negative additive to someone or something such as "liar" or "tyrant" or a "loser"
Bandwagon An appeal to the idea that everyone is doing it, so you should too
Testimonials Often also an "appeal to authority," these are statements or quotes that serve to show the opinion of someone that you respect or trust. If the famous and credible person supports the cause, then you should too
Common man Similar to testimonials, this promotes the idea that if the common, typical person is doing it, then it must be OK
Created by: TristanS