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Rev War HGHS

Unit 1 Colonial to Constitution

Name for a colonial militia who was ready in a short time Minuteman
Group of separatists that settled at Plymouth Pilgrims
This man secured land for the Quakers in the colonies William Penn
Name given to the religious revival of the 1730s Great Awakening
This term refers to the use of scientific reasoning to solve your problems in the mid 1700s Enlightenment
Name given to the British response to the Boston Tea Party Coercive or Intolerable Acts
This was passed by Parliament resulting in the Patriot rallying cry of "No taxation without representation" Stamp Act
John Locke came up with this theory about the relationship between Government and it's people Social Contract Theory
The name for colonists who supported the king Loyalist or Torry
The name for colonists that supported Independence Patriot
American Government set up in 1781 to replace the second continental congress-proposed by John Dickenson Articles of Confederation
A person who agrees to give 4-7 years of his life for passage to America Indentured Servant
Agreement at the Constitutional Convention which settled the issue concerning Congress's structure Great Compromise
James Madison's Plan supporting large states at the Constitutional Convention Virginia Plan
Plan at Constitutional Convention that supported the smaller states New Jersey Plan
What was Daniel Shay protesting Taxes
The people supported a strong National Government Federalists
This was created by the Articles of Confederation Gov't setting up a blue print for settling new land Land Ordinance of 1785
These people wanted a weak central government and strong state govvernments Anti Federalists
This officially ended the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris 1783
This is a type of government that shares power between the national and state governments Federalism
This man wrote a pro independence pamphlet called Common Sense Tom Paine
This was a secret Patriot group founded by Sam Adams Sons of Liberty
These groups were used to spread patriot news throughout the colonies Committees of Correspondence
This act from parliament in 1763 forbid colonials from crossing the Appalachian mountains Proclamation of 1763
The famous ship John Paul Jones used to defeat the British ship Serapis Bonhomme Richard
A fast American ship used to raid British merchant ships Privateers
This ensures equality among the 3 branches of American Government System of Checks and Balances
This man wrote the declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
This man was the first secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton
This man led the Puritans in settling Mass. Colony John Winthrop
The worst part of the Triangular trade for slaves was called the? Middle Passage
Why did the British march to Lexington and concord To seize ammunition and to arrest Sam Adams
This battle in Boston was a British victory mainly because the Colonists ran out of ammunition Bunker Hill
This man helped the US by denying the British the use of New Orleans Bernardo de Galvez
This was the site of the Constitutional Convention Philadelphia
Anti Federalists originally opossed the Constitution because it was missing what? Bill of Rights
This women helped the revolutionary cause by writing pamphlets for independence Mercy Otis Warren
Cecelius Calvert helped establish what colony for Catholics Maryland
James Oglethorpe helped to establish what colony as a buffer against the Spanish Georgia
Washington surprised the British garison of Hessian soldiers at this town in New Jersey Trenton
He was known as the Swamp fox Francis Marion
He was known as a "gentleman" to his troops and surrndered at Saratoga Johnny Burgoyne
This man led the British war effort in the South and surrendered to Washington at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis
This was the British Prime Minister during the French and Indian War William Pitt
This woman was told to leave by the Puritans because of her religious beliefs Anne Hutchinson
This British man was hung as a spy when found with plans for West Point . John Andre
This woman dressed up as a man in order to fight in the Rev. War Deborah Sampson
This man secured victory at Yorktown by fending off the British Fleet Admiral de Grasse
This young frenchman befriended Washington and later commanded American troops in the Rev. War Marquis de Lafayette
This man helped to train Washington's army at Valley Forge Baron von Stueben
This Finance Minister of England proposed a series of new taxes on the colonists after the Stamp Act was repealed. Charles Townsend
He was named Commander of the Patriot Army by the 2nd Continental Army George Washington
This is the name of England's law making body. Parliament
What battle was the turning point of the Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga
Where did American General Herkimer win a major victory over British General St. Leger? Battle of Mohawk Valley or Oriskany
What Battle helped Americans gain control of Georgia and the Carolinas Battle of Cowpens
Thomas Jefferson was the author of what famous document Declaration of Independence
How many amendments to the Constitution are there? 27
The battle of Bunker Hill took place in this city Boston
What war were the British trying to pay for by raising Colonial taxes French and Indian or 7 Years War
Colony in which Lexington and Concord are located Mass.
Name one of the three authors of the Federalist Papers Madison, Jay, Hamilton
What were those against ratification of the Constitution called Anti-Federalists
Commodity that continued to be taxed after the Townshend Acts were repealed Tea
Religion of France Catholic
Trade route controlled by French city of New Orleans Mississippi River
Monarch of England during the Revolutionary War King George III
What peace treaty ended the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris 1763
Created by: Mr Schultz
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