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history midterm

What is the significance of new York? the English were trying to find a way to the west, and new York had a port available if they could beat the Dutch
what are the runners of the woods they lived and married the natives but traded furs indivdualy
why did the native americans align with the Spaniards? They didn't like the Aztecs, so they wanted the help of spain to overthrow the Aztecs so spain could rule
why was the capture of Montezuma significant to spain spain had more money and power and land to take over now
what are some effects of the dutch alliance with the Iroqious the iroqious got guns and weapons and killed off the Heron
how did the Spanish armada effect the balance of power the English were now the top dogs (WOOF)-hh
why did the Spanish armada want to attack England they wanted to dethrown Catherine because she wanted it to be protestant and spain wanted it to be catholic
why did france want a piece of the pie they were jealous of all the power England was getting
what are the 3 G's? God, gold, and glory
what is the Colombian exchange the native americans got diseases, and new animals and the Europeans got new farming methods, new land, and also new animals
what was the northwest passage it was a searoute from atlantic to the pacific that passed through or around north america
mercantilism colonies provide raw materials to the mother country inn return for provided goods
protestant reformation the split of the catholic and protestant church
Bartholemew de las cases wrote a book on the horrible treatment of the native americans
Christopher columbus looking for a passage to asia but instead found america
who funded Christopher Columbus's voyage queen Isabella and king Ferdinand of spain
why wouldn't Portugal fund Christopher Columbus's voyage they thought it would take too long and they thought that the world was larger than his calculations
name the rigid social class system of spain Penninsulars creoles mestizos native americans enslaved people (pigs can make noises easily)
king henry VIII tryed to annul his divorce but the pope refused; ecentfually set up protestant church and had catherine
explain the relationship between france and spain and the native americans spain forced native americans into harsh labor while the French traded with the indians
estavanico explored parts of mexico city
coronado explored texas, Kansas, Arizona, new mexico
encomiendas land grants giving the right to require labor from the native americans
Magellan first to circumnavigate the world
name 6 dangers at sea sea monsters, storms, pirates, currents,starvation, and getting lost
cortez explored parts of Cuba
mission religious settlement
Henry Hudson searching for a northwest passage
what is the difference between a plantation and encomiendas formality
what was the unintended consequence for the clumbian exchange the Europeans brought diseases such as such as chickenpox, smallpox, and measles
what contributed to the natives declining the overtrapping of animals diseases and herons got killed off
what kind of relationship did champlian have with the indians he worked with them to aquire furs and pelts
why did the French begin to farm there was no more fur demand and the population was growing so they needed more food
why did the Europeans explore America? wealth, relgion,and resources
why were the natives no match for the Spanish? technology such as horses and guns divided them
john calvin swiss thinker who influenced protestant reformation
what caused religious wars? the reformation
true or false= Becca you are going to FAIL - HH TRUE!!!!!
Created by: beccawalk