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SS-Dark Hours

What were the British Advantages? Powerful military, largest navy, money, resources, well-trained professionals soldiers
What were the Colonial Advantages? Many revolution supporters,supplies shipped from Britain over the Atlantic, patriots who fought for their beliefs, and the British fought for money
Who was hired by Britain as soldiers and what we're they called? Foreign soldiers; German Hessians
How many soldiers served in Washington's Army? 230,000
How many joined local militias? 145,000 teens and officers
What kind of people served in local militias along side the patriots? African American Slaves
What were the names of two African-Americans that fought in battles? Peter Salem and Salem Poor
Who initially banned blacks? Washington
When was the Lord Dunmore Proclamation made? Nov. 7, 1775 11/7/1775
What was Lord Dunmore's role in Virginia? Governor
What did Lord Dunmore promise? Freedom to any slave who fought for the British
Around how many agree? Thousands
After that did the Continental Army allow the blacks to join? Yes
Who was Thayendanegea? American Indian
What was Thayendanegea British name? Joseph Brant
Who did Thayendanegea persuade to support Britain? Iroquois
Who ran farms, businesses, raised money for the army, sewed uniforms, and served as messengers, spies, and nurses? Women
What did Deborah Sampson do? Disguised herself as a man to fight
What was Mary Ludwig Hats nickname and how did she get it? Molly Pitcher; brought water to thirsty patriot troops
What was the legend of Molly Pitcher? Took place at cannon for wounded husband
What did patriots want to do with Canada? Make it the 14th colony
Who took St. John's and captured Montreal? Gen. Richard Montgomery
During a blizzard, what did Benedict and Arnold attack? Quebec
Who was killed and how much of Americans were part of a casualty? Montgomery; about half
Did they give up hope on Canada? Yes
Did Washington drive troops to NY? Yes
Where did Howe drive the Continental Army off of? Long Island
Where did Washington retreat to? Manhattan
Who forced Washington out of NY and why? British; Jose's revenge for Boston
Where did Howe keep British troops? NY
Who did Howe leave NJ to? Hessians
Who attacked Trenton? Washington
When did the Battle of Trenton happen? Christmas night of 1776
How many soldiers crossed the Delaware river? 2,400
How long did the Battle of Trenton last? Less that an hour
How many Hessians were captured in the Battle of Trenton? 900
How many American casualties were there in the Battle of Trenton? Only 5
Created by: etormikey
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