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US His 4H

Muckracker Writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in politics or business
Social Gospel Reform Movement-sought to improve society by applying Christian principles
Settlement House Community center organized to provide social services to the urban poor at the turn of the twentieth century
Direct Primary Election in which citizens themselves vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
Initiative Process in which citizens put a proposed new law directly on the ballot
Referendum Allowed citizens to approve or reject laws passed by the legislature
Recall Voters could remove public servants from office before their terms ended
Suffrage Right to vote
NAWSA North American Woman Suffrage Association - worked on both state and federal levels to earn women the right to vote
NWP National Women's Party. leader Alice Paul, used public protest marches and picket signs to bring attention to there fight for the right to vote
Jim Crow Laws Passed in southern states to separate black and whites
Sherman Anti-Trust Law Outlawed mergers and monopolys
Amendment Process of officially changing the Constitution
16th Amendment Income tax
18th Amendment Prohibition-the making, drinking and selling alcohol is illegal
19th Amendment Gave women the right to vote
Meat Inspection Act Law that allowed the federal govern to inspect meat sold across state lines and required federal inspection of meat processing plants
Conservation Act
National Reclamation Act Gave the federal govern. the power to decide where and how water would be distributed through the building and management of dams and irrigation projects
Progressive Party Political party that emerged from the Taft-Roosevelt battle that split the Republican party in 1912
New Freedom Woodrow Wilson's program to place govern. controls on corporations in order to benefit small businesses
Federal Reserve Act Law that placed national banks under the control of a Federal Reserve Board, which runs regional banks that hold the reserve funds from commercial banks, set interest rates and supervise commercial banks.
Federal Trade Comission Government agency established in 1914 to identify monopolistic business practices, false advertising, and dishonest labeling
Clayton Antitrust Act 1914 law that strengthened the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Jacob Riis Muckraker photographer for the New York Evening Sun. Published "How the Other Half Lives" with photos of crowded, unsafe, rat-infested tenement buildings. Shocked Americans
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle" which exposed the despair of immigrants working in Chicago's stockyards and revealed the unsanitary conditions in the meat packing industry
Jane Addams Leading figure in the settlement house movement.
Florence Kelly Lawyer who convinced state of Illinois to ban child labor, and other states soon passed similar laws.
Carrie Chapman Catt 1st female school superintendent. Became leader of National American Woman Suffrage Assoc. called for action on two fronts, some lobbied Congress others lobbied states to win women the right to vote.
Alice Paul 1917, formed the National Women's Party. Used protest marches, first group to picket outside the White House. They were arrested and went on hunger strike, refused to eat until they could vote.
Ida B. Wells Black teacher, organized the National Assoc. of Colored Women. Focused to help families succeed and assisted those who were struggling
W.E.B. Debois African American Harvard graduate who urged African Americans to demand immediately all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
Booker T. Washington African American leader, told blacks to move slowly toward racial equality, work hard, wait patiently to win the respect of white Americans
Theodore Roosevelt Before becoming Pres was leader of Rough Riders a voluntary calvary unit that fought in the Spanish-American War. Pres. of US from1901-1907, Republican
Windrow Wilson Democrat, son of Virginia minister, first man born in South to win presidency in almost 60 years
Progressive Era Promoted reforms to bring about social justice
Progressive policies of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt Wilson's called New Freedom, Roosevelt's called Square Deal. Both put strict govern. controls on big business to prevent them from taking advantage of small businesses and the poor
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
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