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Magazine vocab : unit 2

Humane Showing kindness; being gentle I am a humane dog owner because I take my dog to the vet when my dog is sick.
Famished Suffer from serve hunger The famished slaves were starving when their owners refused to feed them.
Nicotine Is a poisonous substance found in the tobacco plant. Nicotine is what causes people to become addicted to cigarettes. Inhaling nicotine is dangerous because it's what causes smokers to become addicted.
Acknowledge to recognize and answer. She acknowledged her teachers complaint by saying “thank you.”
Integrate to bring together and mix into a whole. I made a cake by integrating the ingredients together.
Segregate to separate from the majority of a group; isolate. Students with food allergies are segregated during lunch to the food allergy table.
Podium a raised platform for a speaker or conductor. The principal stood behind the podium to give a speech to the school.
Scrutinize to look at closely and carefully with attention to detail. The optometrist scrutinized the patients eyes in order to look for problems.
Advocate to speak or act in favor of something. I am an advocate for recess because it's important to move outside.
Majority a number or amount that is more than half. The majority of the 8th grade class is boys.
Ethical Morally justified or actions that are considered good. Bullying is not ethical because it makes the victim feel sad and scared.
Created by: VK Vocab