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Unit 3 Vocab/People

US History

to refuse to use or buy something as a form of protest boycott
the chief lawmaking body in the US, a formal meeting congress
an army of paid soldiers from the 13 colonies Continental Army
money owed debt
freedom from rule by others independence
an American colonist who remained loyal to Great Britian loyalist
the killing of many people massacre
a volunteer army militia
an American colonist who strongly opposed British rules patriot
to provide lodging or shelter for a person quarter
to cancel or end something, take it back repeal
to move away from an enemy retreat
a tax on imports that come into your countryCrispus tariff
the crime of betraying ones country treason
a formal agreement between the US and Great Britian in which Great Britian recognizes the US as an independent country Treaty of Paris
leader if Am. revolution, 2nd Pres. of US, opposed taxes but represented British soldiers in the Boston Massacre trial, cousin to Sam Adams John Adams
Boston patriot, organized Sons of Liberty and helped with Boston Tea Party, great organizer if American Rev., cousin to John Samuel Adams
1st American to die in colonists fight for freedom in the Boston Massacre, he was African American Crispus Attucks
helped write Dec of Independence and Constitution(framework for Democratic govt), helped build allegiance with France that aided winning the American Revolution Benjamin Franklin
21 yr old teacher, officer in Continental Army, spy for colonists, was caught and hung by British Nathan Hale
famous for saying, "give me liberty or give me death", founding father, signer of Dec of Independence Patrick Henry
3rd Pres of US, main writer of Dec of Independence, member of Continental Congress Thomas Jefferson
King of England during American Revolution King George III
political activist, author, and revolutionary, wrote Common Sense, a highly influential pamphlet inspriring patriots to declare independence from Britian Thomas Paine
a silver smith and patriot, was involved in Boston Tea party, rode to warn the minutemen of a British invasion on April 18,1775 Paul Revere
1st Pres of US, commander of Continental Army, led colonies to independence when Britian surrendered in Yorktown George Washington
group of patriots who opposed British rule, motto was "no taxation without representation" Sons of Liberty
a line along the Appalacian mountains that the colonists couldn't cross Proclamation of 1763
French had allied with the Indians to fight for land, money and power against Great Britian, lasted 7 yrs French and Indian War
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