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lms 8 history

unit 2 american revolution

why was the battle at fort necessity significant it was one of the first battles of the french and indian war
what was benedict arnold acquised of doing against the continental army he was a traitor and could be hung if found guilty
during the french and indian war how did the iroquois help the colonists adn british troops by having a better knowledge of the land they could help the troops move through the wilderness
after the boston massacre john adams decided to defend the british soldiers, yet he was still viewed as a patriot because he defended the soldiers while defending the patriots' belief in justice
what was king george III response to the olive branch treaty it angered the king and failed to bring peace
what is an example of an unalienable right of religion of speech of the press to assemble to complain to the Government to keep and bear Arms to a speedy and public trial
britain wanted to control new france in north america because - new france was stopping the british westward expansion
what major advantage did the colonist have over the british during the revolutionary war they had a better knowledge of the land
the purpose of paul revere's boston massacre was to sway popular opinion to what side the colonists
what impact might paul revere's boston massacre might make the colonists want to - against the british to rebel
what did the writs of assistance allow the british to do to search colonial homes for any reason
what caused the french and indian war the british colonists moving west into french lands
the proclamation of 1763 failed because the british troops stayed near the coast instead of going into the frontier
who were the minute men trained soldiers who could prepare for battle quickly
why did the british want to expand their control into the ohio river valley to gain access to the region's natural resources
what led to the first shots being fired at lexington and concord the british wanted to seize the colonial military supply storage
how did the stamp act contribute to the boston massarce the colonists were angered by the british taxes, and took out their frustrations on the british troops who then fired at the colonists
the intolerable acts affected the american colonies by doing this bringing them together against the british
what is meant by a grievance as was included in the declaration of independence a grievance is a complaint, and the colonist and the colonists made a list of wrong doings by the king in the declaration of independence
african americans decided to fight in the revolutionary war with the patriots because they hoped that when the war was over then slavery too would come to an end
france lost most of it's territory in north america due to what treaty the treaty of paris ending the french and indian war
the southern loyalists switched over to the patriots side due to what the british carring out brutal attacks during the campaign in the carolinas
an increase in tax on the colonists by prime minister greenville so he could pay for the cost of the british navy is an example of what economic system mercantile system
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