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benchmark study guid

history study guide for benchmark

Explain the primary reason most kids that did not attend school didn’t. Racism/ Discrimination
List 2 factors that made skyscrapers possible. Elevator and interior steel skeleton
List popular activities at the turn of the century. Bicycling, Tennis, Shopping, Boxing, Baseball, Amusement Parks, Theater
When was Hershey started? 1900
What was the purpose for Jim Crow laws? Legally segregated races
Describe education trends in the 1890’s. Growth of Elementary and High Schools, Americanization, Kindergartens, Expanding Colleges
What was the Supreme Court’s decision in Plessy v. Ferguson? Separate but equal is legal.
What transit developments allowed cities to expand outward in the late 1890’s? Mass transit systems of all kinds
How did technology affect newspapers? Lowered cost by printing both sides at once.
What is segregation? Separation of races.
Explain Booker T. Washington’s views on racism. Education and good jobs should be main focus to end racism.
Bicycling and Amusement Parks represent what aspect of American life? Growing Leisure industry.
Explain George Eastman’s contribution to photography. Flexible roll camera
How did the bicycle affect women’s lives? Allowed for independence and changing dress styles.
What groups were discriminated against in the Southwest? Mexicans, African Americans, Native Americans.
What was the most popular type of story in America in the late 1800’s? Western Dime Novels
Where did the 1st successful airplane flight take place and when? Kitty Hawk NC
Where was the 1st roller coaster developed? Coney Island NY
How was Coca-Cola developed? As a cure for headaches.
How many children attended school prior to the Civil War? 30%
In what year was the 1st World Series played? 1903
The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn was written by whom? Mark Twain
Explain the concept of a chain store. Focus on Thrift and Multiple locations.
Explain the concept of the department store. Luxury experience and offered many types of products.
What is the Tuskegee Institute? Created by Booker T Washington in 1881 to educate African Americans.
List types of discrimination faced by African Americans in the North. Job discrimination, violence, segregated neighborhoods, housing discrimination.
Who were Orville and Wilbur Wright? Built the 1st airplane
Explain how colleges developed in the late 1800’s. To teach skills needed in the new industrial society. Enrollment Quadrupled.
The Niagara Movement was founded by whom? W.E.B. Dubois
Explain the development of leisure time and activities at the turn of the century. Enjoyed sports, Bicycling and Amusement Parks
Created by: Katwill678
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