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Appalachian Mountains Are old mountain range in the east are 6,700 feet .
Great Lakes Are the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.
Missippissi River Is the most important river in North America.
Tributary is a smaller stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river.
Rocky Mountains These enomouse mountains also called the Rockies and are 14,000.
Continental Divide is an area of high ground that divides the flow of rivers towards opposite ends of a continent.
Colony is a territory inhabited and controlled by people from a foreign land.
Boston was a new city in the colonies and became a major seaport.
New York was a new city in the colonies and became a major seaport.
Plantation is a large farm that grows grows mainly one crop.
Pioneers the first settlers that travel west were called pioneers.
Bilingual People who speak two or more languages.
Megapolis a string of large cities that have grown together.
Washington DC shares a megalopolis with New york, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.
Detroit is our country leading automobile producer.
chicago One of the busiest shipping ports because of the great lakes.
Seattle Washington's biggest city.
Terrorism is the threat or use of violence against civilians to intimidate or cause fear for political or social reasons.
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