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French & Indian War

The French and Indian War Study Stack

What was the French and Indian War known as the the French and others? The 7 years war
Who were the strongest powers in Europe by the 1700's ? Britain and France
Who didn't like each other in Europe? Britain and France
Where did France claim their territory? West of the Appalachian Mountains in the Ohio Vally
What were the British settlers doing to the French and Indians? The British were pushing onto the French-ontrolled lands The British were driving the Indians off the land
Who were the French allies with? The Indians (most of them)
Who were the Indians the French were friends with? The Algonquins and Hurons
Who did the British adversaries (not enemies but not friends) with? The Indians
Who did the British ally with? The Iroquois (though it was an uneasy alliance)
What was the French mainly interested in? fur-traiding
Who did French traders often marry? Indian women
What did the French missionaries convert many Indians to? Catholicism
Who, of the Indians, were enemies? The Iroquois and Algonquins/Hurons
What was the meeting that including most of the colonies for? To discuss the threat of war
What was the two reasons for the meeting? 1. to find a way to defend themselves 2. to persuade the Iroquois to become their allies
What was the name of the things Ben Franklin suggested for the colonies? The Albany Plan of Union
What did the Albany Plan of Union consist of? 1. "one general government" with an elected legislature from each colony 2. collect taxes, raise troops, and regulate trade
What did all the colonies vote, for Franklin's plan? NO!
What did Robert Dinwiddie tell George Washington to go do? He told him to tell the French to leave the territory
What did the French say to George Washington? No, we will not leave
What did Washington send 150 Virginia men to do? He sent 150 men to build a fort at what is present-day Pittsburgh but the French already were building there
Who attacked a Frech scouting party? Washington and his outnumbered forces
Who was the appointed Commander of all British forces in America? General Edward Braddock
What were Braddock's methods? 1. not suited to the terrain 2. the army moved two slowly and inefficiently 3. the soldiers lined up in column and rows while wearing bright red uniforms (methods didn't work)
How did Braddock die (and where)? He was ambushed near Ft. Duquesne
Who saved most of Braddock's troops(and how)? George Washington called a retreat
What helped fuel a new war in Europe? fighting in America (the 7 years war)
Who became British allies? Prussia and Portugal
Who became French allies? Austria, Russia, Sweden, Saxony, and Spain
Where did Britain and France fight? Europe, the Caribbean, India, and North America
What happen to the British in the first years of war? It was disastrous for them
Who was Pittsburg names after? William Pitt
Who become Prime Minister? William Pitt
What did William Pitt decide to focus on? The conflict in North America (so they could gain wealth)
Who did Pitt send to North America? The best general (James Wolfe and Jeffrey Amherst)
What did Britain do for (William Pitt) the North America war? They fully funded it
What did the British capture? - Key French strongholds in the west (Ft. Duquesne renamed Ft. Pitt) - Ft. Louis-burg - French islands in the West Indies - Quebec and Montreal
What did the French give to the British? Canada and their claims east of the Mississippi river
What did Spain give to the British? Florida
What did Spain give to the French? All lands west of the Mississippi River and New Orleans
What happened to the French in North America? They lost nearly all of their presence
Created by: kkmcleod
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