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Arabian Peninsula


What are some characteristics of the desert, oasis, coastal plains, and mountains? The desert is hot and dry. In the daytime it can rise above 120 degrees and at night it can drop below freezing. The oasis can vary in size. The water there is trapped underground and only comes up when a spring or water hole happens.
What are some characteristics of the desert, oasis, coastal plains, and mountains? The coastal plains are moist and rain falls regularly. The mountains rise from 1,000 to 12,000 feet high. It can get up to 20 inches of rain.
How did they adapt to these environments? In the desert they adapted by moving from place to place trying to find food and water.In the oasis they adapted by also traveling to place to place. In the coastal plains they adapted by building wells and other things to get water.
How did they adapt to these environments? In the mountains they adapted by building mud houses.
Nomad- A person who travels place to place.
Bedouin- An Arab nomad.
Clan- A group of family members traveling together.
Why was the Arabian Peninsula well suited for trade? It was well suited for trade because of the crossroads of the three continents, it was surrounded by water, and they had resources that people wanted.
Why did towns on the Arabian Peninsula become larger cities? They became larger cities because of trade.
What were some products that people traveled to the Arabian Peninsula to gain? Animals, textiles, metals, crops, and spices.
Caravan- A group of traders traveling together on their camels.
Why was Mecca an important religious center? There was the Ka'aba there with all the idols in it where people pray.
Pilgrimage- A journey to a sacred place.
Polytheism- The belief in many gods.
Monotheism- The belief in one god.
Ka'aba- Where all the idols of the gods are and where people pray.
What was Muhammad's early life like? Muhammad was born into a Meccan clan. He was orphaned as a child. He lived with his uncle as a child. He married a wealthy business woman. His teachings and sermons were written down into a book call the Qur'an. He had great leadership.
What was Muhammad's early life like? The angel Gabriel, messenger of Allah, gave him a message. He said you will be the final prophet of God. Most meccans rejects his monotheism. Meccans surrendered to Muhammad and became followers in Medina. Once they overtook Mecca the treaty was broken.
When did Muhammad die? He died in 632.
Tell about how he was a prophet of Allah. He the final prophet of God. He was in charge of preaching, and all the other gods must be rejected.
Allah- Arabic for God.
Angel Gabriel Messenger of Allah.
Muslims- The people of Arabic.
Qur'an- A book with with teachings and sermons written in it.
What are the five pillars of Islam and the devotion to Allah. Shahada(Profession of Faith), Salat(Daily Worship), Zakat(Charity), Siyam(Fasting), Hajj(Pilgrimage
Caliphs Abu Bakr(1st Caliph), Umar(2nd Caliph), Uthman(3rd Caliph), and Ali(4th Caliph) Umars policy was that you didn't have to convert to Islam, but you have to pay an extra tax or serve in the military.
Caliphs Uthman spread the Muslim Empire to the Byzantines, Libya, Algeria, and Afghanistan.
Was Ali related to Muhammad and what happened to Ali? He was related to Muhammad and he was stabbed to death in his sleep.
Caliph- Successor to the throne.
Sunni- A Muslim group, they did not support the Umayyads
Shi'a- A Muslim group, they did support the Umayyads.
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