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American History

to help me study for midterms!!!

Reconstruction period between 1866 & 1877 where attempts were made to reconstruct a war-torn south and incorporate former slaves into society
Bargain of 1877 (compromise of 1877) northern and southern whites agreed that national union was more important than civil rights
Second Industrial Revolution -made possible by railroad
Advent/expansion of railroad -responsible for 2nd indust. revolution -made expansion possible -affected entire ecoonomy -time zones -national gauge
social darwinism "survival of the fittest" in society -national superiority -justified slavery -"deserving" and "undeserving" poor -against gov't interference -"liberalism" freedom to conduit business
labor movement -movement to city and urban areas for work -factories
Little Bighorn -General Custer defeated by Sioux and Cheyenne -elimination of treaty system
Wounded Knee -massacre of 150-200 Native Americans (mostly woman, children, elderly) -end of 400 years of indigenous resistance to settler invasion
Dawes Act land formerly owned by native americans sectioned off and sold to white settlers
The knights of labor first national union
farmers alliance -formerly farmer's revolt -high prices for transport -loans have excessive intrest - largest citizens movement of 19th century******
subtreasury plan a plan to revolutionize credit and marketing arrangements for crops, such as cotton
peoples/populists party advocated variety of reform issues: -income tax -"free silver" -postal savings -regulation of railroads -election of senators -william jennings bryan
segregation in south -"separate but equal" -blacks as second class citizens Plessy vs. Ferguson
south at end of reconstruction -"redeemers" -white supremacy -Jim crow laws -"colorblindness" -convict labor
"rise of the redeemers" -wanted to "redeem" south back to white power -tried to undo reconstruction
new immigration -influx of immigrants to American in search of opportunity
nativism -anti-immigrant feelings
Chinese exclusion -put limits on Chinese immigrant quota -larger # of Chinese on west coast *****1882: all chinese immigration excluded!!!!
14th amendment guaranteed rights of citizenship to former slaves
15th amendment prohibited discrimination voting privileges on basis of race
freedmen's bureau est. by congress to help former slaves and poor whites; very progressive
entire economy suffered or profited based around the state of the ___________ railroad!!!!!
frederick jackson turner's thesis frontier thesis significance of frontier in us history
tape vs. hurley -Chinese exclusion court case "is it a disgrace to be born Chinese?" "Didn't God make us all?"
Yick Wo vs. HOpkins -Chinese exclusion court case -1886
US vs. Wong Kim Ark -Chinese exclusion court case
Fong Yue Ting -Chinese exclusion court case -1904 -court authorized federal gov't to expel Chinese aliens w/out die process of law
Booker T. Washington -industrial education -economic self-help -accommodationist
accommodationist -booker t washington -better to make yourself marketable by becoming educated than to waste energy fighting for equal rights
American Labor Federation (AFL) -increasingly exclusive skilled labor -represented about 23% of working force -excluded: women, blacks, new immigrants, Chinese -gave credit to "knights of labor"
Platt Amendment "American amendment on Cuban constitution"
Teller Amendment "the U.S. would help Cuba gain independence and then withdraw all its troops from the country"
Monroe Doctrine no one else could colonize in the "new world" (western hemisphere) or else US would interfere
White man's burden "Uplift, Civilize, Christianize"
Insular cases supreme court ruled that protection of constitutional rights did not fully apply to those in "insular territories" the US acquired during Spanish-American war
Progressivism broad-based reform movement that sought governmental action in solving problems in many areas of american life: -education -public health -economy -labor -politics
Muckrakers -exposing -lewis hine: photography -upton sinclair: author of The Jungle
The Jungle -book by Upton Sinclair -led to Pure Food and Drug act and meat inspection act
Fordism -Henry Ford -assembly line -mass consumption -mass production -paid workers more -anti-union
Taylorism -Frederick Taylor -micro-management -streamline production -very controlling -profit boost -not favorable to workers
Keating-Owen Act addressed child-labor
Panama Canal canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. Its construction, begun by France in 1881, was completed by the US, 1904–14
Woodrow Wilson -"progressive-era" president -moral imperialism -self-determination -wilsonianism -WWI -14 points
Mexican Revolution "a major armed struggle ca. 1910–20 that radically transformed Mexican politics and society"
14 points -Woodrow wilson -league of nations, ect, ect
Russian Revolution -1917 - tsarist regime overthrown& replaced by Bolshevik rule (Lenin)
socialism -populism evolves to socialism -strong in former populist areas -eugene debs
What led to US entering WWI? -propaganda -the sinking of the Lusitania -Zimmerman telegraph
Great migration large migration of blacks to the north for jobs and opportunities (around WWI times)
versailles treaty - harsh document that likely led to WWII - Germany took the brunt of the punishment
prohibition the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, esp. in the US between 1920 and 1933
1920's -conspicuous consumption -flappers -corruption
Second KKK -worse than the first -targeted blacks, catholics, jews, feminists, gays
feminism and women's liberties -demanding vote and equal liberties -flappers -lliberation
scopes trial -trail of John Scopes -teacher accused of violating law & teaching evolution
Theodore Roosevelt -square deal -anti-trust movement -conservationists -enforced ICC (railroad)
Pure Food and Drug act and meat inspection act -due to reaction to "The Jungle" by Upton sinclair -Roosevelt
moral imperialism -moral richeousness -"civilizing" missions/progressive white man's burden -mexican revolution -american military action in latin america
Created by: erosies