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Chapter 13 test

test questions

what year were the middle ages? 500-1500 ad
in what years did small Germanic Kingdoms replace the Roman provinces? 500-600
what Germanic people held the power? the franks
did politics play a key role while spreading Christianity? yes it did
define monastery a religious community of men called monks who gave up their possessions to devote themselves to a life of prayer and worship
what was Benedict's sister name Scholastica
what became Europe's best educated communities Monasteries
what does it mean to make something secular secular means worldly
Carolingian Dynasty is the family that ruled the Franks from... 751-987 AD
what year did Pepin the short die? 768 AD
whats a lord? a person who controlled land and could therefore grant estates to vassals
who is the founder of Christianity Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity
What were the only 2 languages in the bible. The only languages in the bible were Greek and Latin
Name one of the beneficial inventions invented during this time period Stirrups were a helpful invention
Name one of the beneficial inventions invented during this time period Leather saddles were also a beneficial invention during this time
define chivalry Chivalry is the code of conduct for the knights in medieval Europe
What is a troubadour A troubadour .
what is another word for tournament Mock battle is a synonym for tournament.
what is a clergy a clergy is someone who perform religious services
what is the definition for canon law A canon law is the body of laws governing the religious practices of a Christian Church.
What is a vassal considered? A vassal is considered a lesser lord.
Is a peasant and a serf the same thing? Yes. A peasant and a serf is the same meaning but a different word.
What is Charlemagne most known for? Charlemagne is well known for being the most influential empire.
What did a Pope's tiara symbolize? The Pope's tiara symbolizes his power.
Define lay investiture the appointment of religious officials by kings and or nobles is lay investiture
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