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chapter 13 test

What are one of the origins of the Middle Ages? the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church
Explain one of the effects of the Germanic invasions of Western Europe? - population shifts
What was Pope Gregory I most known for? he involved the church in worldly issues (taxes, wars, etc.)
Why was Clovis significant/ important in this time period? he got every Germanic Kingdom to believe in Christianity
What benefits do you think a medieval manor provided to the serfs who lived there? food, water, shelter or protection, and a sense of belonging.
Name the social class structure of the Middle Ages from top to bottom. King/ Pope lords lesser lords/ vassals knights peasants/ serfs
What was the significance of the pope's declaring Charlemagne emperor? he reunited all of the germainic kingdoms, he would end feuds, and every summer he would go and fight of any invaders that would try to take over his land or his people.
Which invading peoples caused turmoil in Europe during the 800s? vikings, avaars, muslims, maggar, huns
What exchange took place between lords and vassals under feudalism? The lord would give the vassal land and the vassal would give the lord food and crops.
What duties did the lord of a manor and his serfs owe one another? the lord gave land protection and a sense of belonging and in return the serf would give hard labor
What were the stages of becoming a knight? page squire knight
What were common subjects of troubadours’ songs? romance fighting and war
What role did women play under feudalism? they worked int the house
What was Gelasius’s two-swords theory? "There are two powers by which this world is chiefly ruled: the sacred authority of the priesthood and authority of kings"
What was Gelasius’s two-swords theory? he created the German roman empire
define chivalry the code of conduct for knights.
knights were to follow what values ( list three) honesty bravery loyalty
who did knights serve? his earthly lord his lady his heavenly lord
what was Charles Martel mist know for? preventing the Muslims from conquering spain
Why would you have to have a lot of trust in your manors priest? Because people couldn't read and the priest could, he can be giving false information to the people of the church and telling them to believe in something that is completely against their religion.
define a vassal a person who gives land to serfs or peasants in return for food and hard working labor
what is a serf? A serf is another name for a peasant
What is a manor? a lords estate that had everything that anybody needs to live/survive right inside of it so that nobody has to leave.
Created by: 20kbross
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