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Chapter 5

Revolutionary War

independence freedom from another’s control
congress a group of representatives who meet to address problems or write laws
Loyalist a person who wanted the 13 colonies to remain loyal to England
Patriot a person who wanted the 13 colonies to be independent from England
representative a person who acts or speaks for a larger group
revolution a fight to replace one government with a different government
tax money the government collects from people
constitution a set of written laws
declaration an announcement
Francis Marion 1732 - 1795; a Patriot soldier known as the Swamp Fox
Thomas Sumter 1734 - 1832; a great Patriot leader who fought many battles; a county in our state is named for him
Andrew Pickens 1739 - 1817; a soldier who led the Patriots to victory at the Battle of Cowpens
Intolerable Acts When the British closed Boston Harbor and took power away from the leaders of Massachusetts – this was one cause of the Revolutionary War
Tea Tax the British decided to make the colonist pay a tax on tea (their favorite drink) – this was one cause of the Revolutionary War
militia a group of men who fight together
Battle of Kings Mountain A battle fought at Kings Mountain, South Carolina; the Patriots defeated the British
Battle of Cowpens A battle fought near a place where cows were kept; Andrew Pickens led the Patriots in this battle to defeat the British
Declaration of Independence a letter written by the colonists saying they wanted to break away from England and start their own country
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