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American Revolution

Ch. 5-6 Review Questions

Who led his troops crossed the Delaware River and drove the enemy from Philadelphia. George Washington
In the early years of the war, the size of the __________________________ dwindled largely because soldiers left as their year of service was completed. Continental Army
Colonists who sided with Britain and did not support Independence. Loyalists.
Colonists who supported independence from Britain. Patriots.
What was the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To explain why the colonists chose to form a new government.
What did most Continental Army soldiers do after their year of service had expired? Returned home; left the war.
Why did the British focus their efforts on the Southern colonies? There was a larger concentration of Loyalists there.
Who was largely responsible for encouraging Spain, Cuba and Mexico to send financial support to the Patriot side? Juan de Miralles
Why was financing the war difficult for the colonists? Congress had no power to raise money through collecting taxes.
Who was a major trusted military aid to Washington (he refused to accept pay)? Marquis de Lafayette
Why were some militias known as minutemen? They could be ready to fight in a minute's notice.
Which act allowed the colonists to pay lower taxes on molasses? Sugar Act
Goods being imported into the colonies were taxed by which act? Townshend Acts
What did the colonists refer to the Coercive Acts as? The Intolerable Acts
Which group did the colonies organize to fight against Great Britain? Continental Army
What was the political body that represented Americans and challenged British control? Continental Congress
What was Thomas Paine’s opinion about the colonies and Great Britain? The colonies should break from British rule.
Why were colonists angry after the Tea Act? They wanted to make their own decisions about what tea to buy.
Where did many colonists believe that fighting with the British would first break out? New England
The man who turned the ragged Continental Army into a more efficient fighting force was Friedrich von Steuben
George Washington's greatest challenge at Valley Forge was keeping his army together.
The nation that made an alliance with the revolutionary United States in 1778 was France.
Supplies and reinforcements could not reach American harbors because of blockades.
A merchant ship that is privately owned and armed with weapons is called a privateer.
Which foreign troops helped defeat British forces at Yorktown? French.
The British recognized the United States as an independent nation in the Treaty of Paris.
When Congress refused to pay soldiers who had won the American Revolution, conflict between the soldiers and Congress was resolved by General George Washington
After the war, George Washington returned to Mount Vernon.
At which battle did Cornwallis surrender? Battle of Yorktown
Created by: WeberAE