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10 Levels of History


Level of History: G Geography "How do we define and analyze location of space?"
Level of History: ME Medical "How do we treat injured persons?"
Level of History: A Artistic "How shall we express ourselves?"
Level of History: M Military "How do we defend and protect our freedom?"
Level of History: S Spiritual "What is the meaning of life?"
Level of History: P Political "Who shall be in charge?"
Level of History: I Intellectual "How do we learn?"
Level of History: C Cultural "What defines who we are and how we live?"
Level of History: E Economic "How shall we eat?"
Level of History: S Social "How shall we relate to one another?"
Landmarks Geography (ie Statue of Liberty, Big Ben)
Waterways Geography (ie Panama Canal)
Countries Geography (ie China, Russia, Mexico)
Landforms Geography (ie Grand Canyon, Blue Range Mountains)
Nurses Medical (ie Blood Pressure, Assistant)
Doctors Medical (ie Stethoscope, educated, observant)
Mrs. King Medical (ie Band aides, School, Colds/Sickness)
Surgeons Medical (ie forceps, lasers)
Hospitals Medical (ie CentraState Healthcare Foundation, ambulance)
Medicines Medical (ie Tylenol, Advil, examination of medicine)
Sculptures Artistic (ie Abraham Lincoln Monument, Ground for Sculptures)
Paintings Artistic (ie Mona Lisa, surrealism, pop, The Starry Night)
Drawings Artistic (ie sketches, rough draft, Vincent Van Gough)
Pottery Artistic (ie clay, dishes, vases)
Artists Artistic (ie Andy Warhol, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci)
Weaponry Military (ie guns, gun powder nuclear bombs, tanks)
Wars Military (ie World War I, World War II, Civil War, American Revolution)
Military Branches Military (ie Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army, Air Force)
Generals Military (ie Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Washington, Julius Caesar)
Holidays Spiritual (ie Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa)
Values Spiritual (ie education, family, friends)
Gods Spiritual (ie Ares, Ra, Neptune)
Beliefs Spiritual (ie The After Life, Heaven)
Traditions Spiritual ((ie taking off shoes -Japan-, Easter egg hunt, Church, Bowing -Japan-)
Democrats Political (ie Hilary Clinton, Jab Bush)
Rebulicans Political (Donald trump, Sarah Palin)
Government Political (ie President, Democratic, Republic)
Bill of Rights Political (ie James Madison= author, amendments, United States)
Historical Era Intellectual (ie 1960 Civil Right Movement, Russian Civil War, World War I)
Historical Movements Intellectual (ie Age of Enlighten, Environment Movement)
Reading Books Intellectual (ie Plato's Republic, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Bible)
Observation Intellectual (Ie watching, reading, recording, doing)
Food Cultural (ie dumplings, schnitzel, sushi)
Tradition Cultural (ie 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas)
Leisure Activates Cultural (ie cricket, football, soccer)
Music/Dance Cultural (ie Tap-dance, Ballet, Point, Hip-hop, Rock and Roll)
Money Economic (ie earned, educated, bonus, income)
Stocks Economic (ie trades theoretical, practical)
Gold Economic (ie Virginia, Georgia, valuable, high demand)
Jobs Economic (ie salary, work, business)
Department Economic (ie Government, organization)
People Social (ie letters, face to face, communication)
Technology Social (ie phone, email, texting, call, computer)
Wars Social (ie World War II, Allies, conversing)
Clubs/Organization Social (ie school, sports, group of people, interaction)
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