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Social Studies

Social Studies Grade 8 Quarter 1 Exam

geography is the study of people, their environment, and the resources available for them
environment natural surroundings
millennium a period of 1000 years
orbit path a planet follows around the sun
revolution a complete circuit
leap year a year with an extra day
rotation spin
core area at the center of the earth, which include a solid inner
magma hot melted rock inside the earth that flows to the surface
earthquake sudden, violent movements of earth's crust that shakes the land, and can cause great damage
trench deep cuts in the ocean floor
aquifer underground layers of rock through which water flows
evaporation the process of water changing from liquid to a gas called water vapor
weather the changes in temperature
climate the predictable weather patterns in an area over a period of many years
local wind wind patterns that are typical only in a small area
smog thick haze if smoke and chemicals in the air
deforestation cutting down forests without replanting
conservation the careful use of a resource, such as water
death rate the number if death per year of every 1,000 people
famine severe lack of food
urbanization the growth of cities
monarchy a form of government led by a king or queen who inherits power by being born into the ruling family
civilization highly developed culture
dialect a local form of a language that may have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation
natural resource material from the earth that people use to meet their needs
renewable resource natural resource that cannot be used up
tariff tax on goods
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