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Phlebotomy & Laborat

Spelling Terms Unit 2

Additives Chemical added to evacuated tubes.
Antiseptic Substance that prevents infection.
Bacteriostatic Blood infection by a bacterium.
Criminal action (Law) and the violator is prosecuted by the public in the person of the goverment's attorney( the district attorney.)
Clot activators Additive that stimulates clotting.
Disinfectant Agent used to clean a surface other than living tissue.
Gauge Number describing the diameter of a needle's lumen.
Glycolysis Metabolic super break down within cells.
Inpatients Patients admitted to the hospital.
Luer adapter Device for adapting a butterfly needle to an evacuated tube.
Lumen Hollow tube within a needle.
Multisample needle Double- ended needle designed to be used with an evacuated tube system.
Needle adapter Translucent plastic cylinder connecting a multisample needle to an evacuated tube.
Order of draw Prescribed sequence in which tubes with different additives should be filled during a mulitube collection.
Outpatients Patients treated at the hospital without being admitted as an inpatient.
Polymer gel An insert, synthetic additive used to separate cells from plasma during centrifugation, also called thixotropic gel.
Delta check Quality assurance procedure that helps discover identification errors by comparing previous patient results with current results.
Tourniquet Strip of material used to reduce circulation and increase prominence of veins.
Tube advancement mark Mark on a needle adapter indicating how far the tube can be pushed in without losing vacuum.
Tube holder Translucent plastic cylinder connecting how a muli-sample needle to an evacuated tube
Whole Blood Blood before it is separated.
Winged infusion set Small needle and flexible tube for delicate veins.
SPS Sodium polyanethol sulfonate
HLA Human Leukocyte antigent
EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
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