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Ch 2 Discovering AL

Navigator A person who navigates or directs the course of a trip or a mode of transportation
Cartographer a map maker
melding uniting, combining
Conquistador Spanish explorer, solder
immortal living forever, not dying
devastating causing widespread destruction
Tuberculosis a contagious lung disease
Who landed in Newfoundland about 1,000 years ago? Vikings or Norsemen
Who was an Italian navigator who reached the northern coast of South America in 1499? Amerigo Vespucci
Spanish explorers came to the New World searching for gold and silver
Who landed in the Western Hemisphere while looking for a trade route to Asia? Christopher Columbus
The Spanish arrived in Alabama during the late ______ period. Mississippian
In 1528 _______ a Spanish explorer sailed for Florida with a large group of men. Pantilo Narvarze
___________had the continents of North and South America named in his honor becuase of his travels. Amerigo Vespucci
________was captured by the Indians and lived with them for many years. juan Ortiz
Hernando de Soto brought ______and ______ on his expedition. soldiers, supplies
An entrada is an _________. entrance
Who lost more mmmean at Maubila? Spanish or Indians? Indians
The Europeans brought ____and _____ to the New World. illness, war
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