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8SS Unit 3

8SS Unit 3 all

independence a condition of a nation in which its residents and population exercise economic or political freedom
Loyalists American colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War
Patriots colonists who rebelled against British control during the American Revolution; Whigs, Sons and Daughters of Liberty, and Liberty Boys (in Georgia)
seige a military action that occurs when forces try to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it
French & Indian War war between Great Britain and France; fought over their world empires
Proclamation of 1763 order issued by King George III that moved Georgia’s southern boundary to the St. Marys River; did not allow the colonist to move west of the Appalachian Mountains
Stamp Act tax on newspapers, legal documents, and licenses
Intolerable Acts laws passed to punish Massachusetts and control the colonies; led to colonists’ increased opposition to Britain
Declaration of Independence document that claimed the 13 colonies’ independence from Great Britain
Elijah Clarke Georgian who led the victory at the Battle of Kettle Creek
Austin Dabney former slave who fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek; was given a land grant after the Revolutionary War for his contributions
Nancy Hart Georgia’s most famous war heroine; only female to have a county named after her in Georgia
Button Gwinnett one of the Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence
Lyman Hall one of the Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence
George Walton one of the Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence
Battle Kettle Creek important battle for the Patriots; victory gained support from Georgia’s who had not totally supported the war
Seige of Savannah battle that marked the first time American and French troops fought together; attack was unsuccessful for the American and French troops
“No Taxation without Representation” the colonists’ slogan of protest
headright system a plan for distributing Indian land ceded (given) to Georgia where the head of each family had a right to 100 acres, plus additional land for family members
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