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Prehistory Test

Information for our Prehistory Test

Which continent did early humans NOT migrate to? Antarctica
What is the name of an early known Neolithic village located in SW Asia? Jericho or Catal Huyuk
What is a civilization? A society that has developed language, government, farming, and methods of trade.
What is Prehistory? A period of time before the development of writing.
Who were the first people to bury their dead? Neanderthals
What term is used to represent the change (time period) from hunting and gathering to farming? Agricultural Revolution or Neolithic Revolution
What allowed early humans to be able to cook, carry and store food better? Pottery
What substance was used by early humans to keep fires lit? Pine Resin
What is the major difference between life in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age? How people got their food-went from food gatherers to food producers
What material did Paleolithic people lacked the ability to work with? Metals
What started the very first fires? Lightning
What does the term Homo Sapien mean? Man who Thinks
How did the development of language help early humans? It allowed them to share stories, work together and pass on beliefs.
What allowed specialization to start? The increase of food supply (surplus food)
What continent did early humans most likely come from? Africa
Where do archaeologist often dig to find artifacts/fossils? Riverbeds and streams because it was a source of fresh water
What were some jobs that developed once people learned how to farm well? Weaving, pottery making, building, metal working
What other roles did a village chief most likely have? Priest and Judge
What is the name of the place that archaeologists go to dig up artifacts? Excavation Site
What is specialization? the development of jobs
What is another name for the Neolithic Age? New Stone Age
Which group of homo sapiens were known for their skillful tool making? Cro-Magnons
What is an Ice Age? A period of time when many places on Earth experience freezing weather.
What is a home territory? An area of land used for hunting by bands.
What is polytheism? the worship of many gods and goddesses
What is domestication? Domestication is when plants and animals are adapted for human use
What is the name given to small groups of people that travel together? Band
Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals are both types of .. Homo Sapiens
To move from one place to another is called.. migration
What is the name of the land bridge that early humans crossed to get to the Americas? Beringia
Name examples of artifacts. Pottery, weapons, jewelry
What are fossils? Human remains/skeletons
Stove knives were first made during the .... Paleolithic Age
People learned to herd animals during the... Neolithic Age
People started to specialize during the... Neolithic Age
People established villages during the... Neolithic Age
People started to develop language during the... Paleolithic Age
People started to use stone flakes for tools during the... Paleolithic Age
People learned how to make fire during the... Paleolithic Age
Neanderthals used pitfalls and traps during the ... Paleolithic Age
Village government started during the... Neolithic Age
People started to used metals like copper during the.. Neolithic Age
Negative Factors that force people to move Push Migration
Positive Factors that make people move Pull Migration
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