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Arabian Pennisula

Study for the test

Nomad are people who move from place to pace instead of settling perminalty.
Bediouns are Arab Herders who have adapted their lives to arid land.
Clan They are families of people related by blood or marriage
Pilimgrimage Journey to a sacred place
Polytheism Belief in many gods
Monotheism Belief in one god
Ka'aba Where people go to worship
Allah god
Angel Gabriel Messenger of Allah
Muslims They are people who are devoted their religion
Give three reasons why the Arabian Peninsula are well suited for trade 1. A central place to Trade 2. Crossroads of 3 Countries 3.surrounded by bodies of water
Caraven A company of travelers journeying together such as traders and their camels
the 4 Caliph's Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali
Why was Abu Bakr chosen as the first caliph? Best Friend
What is Umar's policy on the region of the muslim empire? Conquared people who didn't have to convert to Islam or serve in the Military but had to pay tax.
Qur'an Islams holy book (means recite)
Sunnah Muslims Traditions passed down from the middle ages
Why did towns in the Arabian Peninsula become larger cities Trade
Some products that people traveled to the Arabian Peninsula to gain Animals, textiles, metal, crops, spices such as pepper, and saffron.
Why is Mecca an important religious center The Ka'aba - place for worship
#1 Shahada Profession of Faith
#2 Salat Daily Worship
#3 Zakat Charity
#4 Siyam Fasting
#5 Hajj Pilgrimage
How far did Uthman spread the Muslim Empire (East) Afghanistan (West) North Africa
How was Ali related to Muhammad and what happened to him Was his cousin and was stabbed to death.
Caliph A successor to the throne of Muhammad
Sunni They are any muslims who follow the Sunnah
Shi'a They are Muslims who follow the Qur'an
Give characteristics of the desert and their adaptions Characteristics-Hot, dry,and harsh Adaptions- Raised Sheeps, Goats,and camels, Camels were their main transportation
Give characteristics of the Oasis and their adaptions Characteristics- Farm, Fresh water,and Plants Adaptions- Dug wells, Farming, became Sedementry
Give characteristics of the Coastal Plains and their adaptions Characteristics- Damp air, rocky cliffs, Dry river beds Adaptions- suitable for farming, grew grains, fruits, and veggies, collected tree sap for Medican
Give characteristics of the Mountains and their adaptions Characteristics- Moist winds, mountain rise, rocky Adaptions- Farming in the mountains, mountain dwellers, and people farmed on steep slopes
Muhammad's early life His parents deid when when he was so young he was a orphan as a child, He went to live with his uncle who was a merchant and caravan trader.
#1 Shahada middle ages All muslims believe and recite this creed "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of god".
#2 Salat middle ages Muslims pray five times a day dawn, noon, miday,sunset, nightfall.
#3 Zakat middle ages Muslims must give 2.5 percent of their income or there possions
#4 Siyam middle ages During Ramadan is to go without food and at the end of fasting they have a big feast.
#5 Hajj middle ages All muslims who can do so are expected to make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca
Know the story of Muhammad call to the prophet of allah according to muslim belief Muhammad was in a cave and Angel Gabriel told muhammad that there is only one religion.
Know about his rejection by meccans and exceptance from medina and the conquest of of mecca and the Ka'aba The meccans rejected muhammad because the did not like how they should believe in only islam and medina excepted because they thought he was a strong leader.
Created by: Emily Pirone