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Protestant Refo Quiz

Protestant Reformation

What conditions led to the Protestant Reformation The movement was against the financial corruption, abuse of power, and immortality in the Catholic Church. Also, people began to feel loyalty to their nation over the church.
How did early reformers want to change the church? They wanted the church to give up its earthly possessions. They wanted to church to stop the practices of selling indulgences. They wanted to reduce the power of the pope.
Who was Martin Luther and what were some of his ideas about reform? Martin Luther was a German monk. He believed that faith only, not good works, could get someone into heaven. He believed Jesus, not the pope, was the head of the church. He condemned the use of indulgences.
How did Luther’s ideas of reform contradict (go against) the churches teaching of the day? He believed that faith only, not good works, could get someone into heaven. He believed Jesus, not the pope, was the head of the church.
What led to Henry VIII’s break with the Catholic Church? The pope would not give him an annulment.
Based on the response of Henry VIII’s break with Rome, what was likely to be the future relationship between the church and England? The Catholic Church and Rome would not have as much influence as before.
What reforms were made in the Catholic Church? Pope Paul III convened the Council of Trent to address the abuses of the church. The council tried to stop the corruption of the clergy. The training of priest was regulated and financial abuse was curbed. The sale of indulgences was abolished
What were the religious and social effects of the Counter-Reformation? The Counter-Reformation helped the Catholic Church grow. The scope of the church expanded as the Jesuits opened universities. After the Counter Reformation there were clear differences between Catholics and Protestants.
What was the Counter Reformation The Catholic Church trying to change and stop some of the abuse in the church
What was the Spanish Inquisition When Spain tried to purify the country on non-Catholics such as Jews and Muslims
Who was Henry VIII Kink of England who broke with the catholic church in order to divorce his wife
What was the 95 Theses Writing of Martin Luther against the practices of the catholic church. One of the biggest was the he said the selling of indulgences was sinful.
What was the Council of Trent Pope tried to address the abuses that had weakened the Catholic church over the past century. Rejected the Protestant faith
What are tribunals Local courts or judges used to judge people in the Spanish inquisition
What are Heretics Anyone not believing in the Catholic Church
What was the Protestant Reformation a movement beginning in the 1500's to reform the Catholic Church, which led to a split of the church between Catholics and Protestants.
What does Martin Luther say is the true treasure of the church The most Holy Gospel and the grace of god.
What does Annulled mean declared invalid based on church law
What is a theocracy a government in which church and state are joined and whose officials are considered divinely inspired.
What are indulgences the exchange of money for forgiveness of sin
Who was John Calvin important protestant reformer who's writing became the basis of Calvinism
What is excommunicated To be kicked out. Example is when the Pope excommunicated Martin Luther for speaking out against the practices of the church.
Define the word annulled To declare invalid based on church law. Church would annul a marriage when someone wanted to get a divorce and marry someone else.
What was the impact of the Protestant Reformation. 1. Many people left the Catholic Church. 2. Large sections of Europe was Protestant 3. The Catholic Church and the leadership lost some power and authority
Who said the Jesus was the head of the church not the Pope. Martin Luther
What made Martin Luther write the 95 Theses He thought the selling of indulgences was sinful and it would not remit sin.
What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition To find and eliminate false Christians.
What was one of the reasons Martin Luther,s views spread The Bible and his 95 Theses was translated into German and the printing press allowed it to be read by many.
What does Martin Luther say about buying pardons (indulgences) Luther thought this was wrong and the church did it only to collect money. He also did not think it remove sin
What is Luther's opinion on the Pope. Luther thought the Pope was too powerful and should not be considered the head of the church.
What did Luther think people should do rather then buying Pardons Give to the poor
What was Luther's motivation of the 95 Theses He thought the Pope was too powerful and acting like God.
How did the Pope respond to Martin Luther's writing He considered them Heretical and Excommunicated Luther
How did the Protestant Reformation begin in England When King Henry wanted his marriage annulled and the Pope said no. He turned England into a Protestant country and declared himself head of the church
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