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The Roman Empire

Bethzabell Morales, Per. 5

myth idea or story that many people believe but which is not true Romulus and Remus
interpret to understand or explain the meaning of something a history book, newspaper article, and speeches
primary sources is a record that was created at or near the time of an event speeches, paintings, poems, autobiographies, diaries, letters, and songs
secondary sources is an account written some time after an event has occured Polybius
material culture consists of the building, tools, and other objects that shape how people live building and tools
artifacts things made by human hands tools, pots, weapons, and jewelry,
reform change made to improve a system or an organization
capable having the skill or ability to do something
republic a government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials
Julius Caesar conquered Gaul and declared "dictator for life"
assassinate to murder a well-known or important person
Augustus he started over 100 colonies and helped spread Roman law and culture
Pax Romana a period of piece and prosperity Roman Peace
Diocletian he divided the empire and made it weaker
participate to take part in an activity or event
emphasize to show that something is important
citizenship is membership in a political community that brings both rights and responsibilities
corruption involves the use of a position of trust for dishonest gain
Attila was the main leader of the Huns, was named "The Scourge of God"
autonomous self governing
Clovis king of the Franks, defeated the last Roman army
communicate to exchange information with other people using words or signs
execute to kill someone, especially as punishment for a crime
public works structures built by a government for public use
multicultural consisting of many different cultures and religions
Romance language languages based on Latin
Constantine let Christians worship their religion freely
Created by: Bethzabm1
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