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UShist Ch 1 Review 2

UShist Ch 1 Test Review, part 2

cattle Long drives helped this industry make money
George A. Custer In the Battle of Little Bighorn, he was killed, along with all his men.
Dawes Act It divided tribal native lands into property for settlers to farm.
supply In the 1870's, an increase in this caused a decrease in crop prices.
William Jennings Bryan supported by Democrats and Populists in the 1896 presidential election.
sod houses built with chunks of prairie ground
plagues of grasshoppers one factor that made living on the Great Plains difficult
corn cobs and cow chips used by the prairie settlers as fuel for fires
Advantage of the railroads on settlers lives supplies could be sent across the West
Disadvantage of the railroad on settlers lives cities grew in the West, bringing the difficulties that go with larger populations: crime and loss of natural habitat.
Created by: Freshmensphs