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UShist Ch 1 Review 1

UShist Ch 1 Test Review, part 1

What is true for the cowhands in the West? many were African Americans
Why did some citizens in the West create vigilante groups? The rapidly growing cowtowns didn't have police
What problems did miners have? Dust caused lung problems
What happened when gold was discovered in the Black Hills? Miners moved onto Sioux land
Why was standard time created? Solar time caused problems for train schedules
What was a lasting effect of the mining boom? Nevada, Colorado and South Dakota grew rapidly and became states.
Who did American cowhands learn their skills from? Vaqueros
Why did the cattle industry decline? More settlers moved to the Plains and fenced their land with barbed wire.
Where were the first states that gave women the right to vote? The West
What was one thing that William Jennings Bryan supported? Free silver policy
What happened at the Sand Creek Massacre? Colorado militia attacked a peaceful Cheyenne village
What railroad started in Sacramento, CA and was built east across the Sierra Nevada Mountains? Central Pacific
What railroad started in Omaha, NE and was built west across the Great Plains? Union Pacific
Before the transcontinental railroad, what type of time was used? Solar time
Who claimed land through grants from Spain and Mexico? Mexicanos
What happened to Virginia City, Nevada when the Comstock Lode was discovered? It became a boomtown
Created by: Freshmensphs