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Europe History One


Columbus He tried to find a route to Asia by sailing west, but rediscovered North and South America instead.
Spain This country sent conquistadors to the New World to conquer land for God, Glory and Gold
Prince Henry He is a Portuguese monarch that created a school in Sagres, Portugal to teach navigation.
United Kingdom This European country had the largest empire.
Portugal This European country sent explorers around Africa to find a route to Asia. They also conquered Brazil.
Nationalism Extreme pride in one's country
Alliance A military agreement between two countries to support each other in war
Archduke Ferdinand The man that was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist.
militarism Building huge armies (militaries) and the belief that military rule is the best way to run a country and all other interests are second to the military
Imperialism Time period when Europe colonized Asia and Africa creating huge empires all over the world.
Lusitania Boat sunk by a German U-boat that caused the US to enter WWI
Zimmerman Telegram Telegram sent to Mexico by Germany asking Mexico to invade the US
Central Powers Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turks, and Germany. They lost WWI
Allied Powers UK, France and Russia and US. They won WWI.
Treaty of Versailles The document that end WWI and blamed Germany for the war. It forced them to reduce their army, reduce their land and pay reparations.
monotheism Belief in one God
Christianity The most predominant religion in Europe. Believers follow the New and Old testaments.
Islam Followers of this religion follow the teaching of the Quran and Muhammad.
Judaism The oldest of the 3 monotheistic religions. Followers read the Torah.
Abraham He is considered the father of Judaism. Christianity, and Islam
The United Kingdom (Great Britain) This country was the first industrialized country in Europe because it had the raw materials, resources and labor.
British Empire What empire was so large that people said the sun never set on it because this country had colonized land on every continent.
Industrial Revolution A time period in which people used machinery and new methods to increase productivity
What century is 1873? 19th
What Century is 1200 in? 12th
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