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The U.S Today

Ch. 4 7th grade

What are some reasons that people have immigrated to the United States? For better jobs and educational opportunities, escape oppression, war, or natural disasters
What are some responsibilities of citizens of the United States? Pay taxes, vote, serve on juries, and serve in the military
What were the goals of the early leaders when they wrote the U.S constitution? Early leaders wanted to create a stable government that portected the rights and freedoms of the people
What were the leaders attempting to do when they set up a system of checks and balances within the federal government? They wanted to create a structure in which each branch of government would serve as a check on the power of the other branches
What are examples of wants that a government must fund? Government must fund fire protection, schools, roads, and the millitary
How does each factor of protection contribute to the making of a product? Natural resources provide the raw materials; labor resources provide the workers; capital resources provide money for machines, factories and supplies; entrepreneurs bring the other factors of production together
What can you conclude from the fact that cultural values were directly stated in the U.S Constitution? The writers of the Constitution wanted to support and protect these values and ensure that they would not be challenged at a later time
If globalization continues, how will it affect the cultures of the world? Globalization may blur the differences among cultures of the world.
What is an immigrant? A person who come to a country to take up residence
What is equal opportunity? A guarantee that government and private institutions will not discriminate against people on the basis of factors such as race, religion, age, gender, or disability
What is citizenship? The status of a citizen, which includes certain duties and rights
What is a Democracy? A government that receives its power from the people
What is a Republic? A form of government in which people rule through elected representatives
What is the political process? Legal activities through which a citizen influences public policy
What is patriotism? Love for one’s country
What is the United States constitution? The document that is the foundation for all U.S laws and the framework for the U.S government
What is a limited government? Government in which the powers of the leaders are limited
What is an unlimited government? A government in which the leaders have almost absolute power
What is globalization? The spreading of an idea, product, or technology around the world
Who are the Anasazi? A group of Native Americans who developed a complex civilization in the U.S
What is a constitutional amendment? A formal change or addition to the U.S Constitution
What is the Bill of Rights? Ten amendments to the U.S Constitution that list specific freedoms guaranteed to every U.S citizen
What is the federal government? A national government
What are the factors of production? One of the elements needed for production of goods or services to occur
What is GDP? The total value of the goods and services produced in a country during a given time period
What is a free enterprise/ market? An economy that allows business owners to compete in the market with little government interference
What is an consumer? A person who uses goods or services
What is a profit? The money that remains after the costs of producing a product are paid
What is competition? The rivalry among businesses to sell the most goods to consumers and make the greatest profit
What is value? A principle or ideal by which people live
What is technology? Tools and equipment made through scientific discoveries
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