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The Phoenicians

Chapter 6 (pages 101-106)

When did the phoenicians civilization begin? About 1830 BC
What is Canaan? It is between Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is the land area of Lebanon and Israel today.
What are Canaanites? Herders from south and east of Canaan.
What are philistines? Traders and shipbuilders from near Greece.
What did the Phoenicians build along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea? Towns and cities
Why couldn't they grow food for their people? There wasn't enough land
What did cedar forests (Lebanon) provide? Wood for ships
Where did they trade? Along the coast
What were ships? Traveling workshops
What was explored? Unexplored areas
What did they spread? Middle Eastern culture
What are treaties? Agreements/bets that were made
Who did they make peace treaties with? Amongst their states and countries
What did Phoenicia ship? Free goods
What would other countries guarantee when Phoenicia would ship the stuff? Phoenicia's independence
What did they trade? Cedar logs, cloth, glass trinkets, and perfume for gold and other metals
Why didn't Phoenicia ever become united? Separated by mountains-only contact was through narrow mountain passes and by sea
Were they independent cities? If so, would people be loyal to their own city-state? Yes;yes
Why did they become competitors? For profits and trade
What did they find purple dye for? Cloth
What does Phoenician mean? Of purple merchants (shellfish-murex)
Were many gods closely tied to nature? Yes
What did gods/goddesses do? Build temples-holy of holies=most sacred chamber held images or sacred stone of their god
Did they believe in life after death? Yes-cremations-urns (vases that held ashes of dead person) then embalmed and mummies like Egypt
What is a colony? Permanent settlement
What is Carthage? North coast of Africa-today Tunis in Tunisia; it became a major training power in the Mediterranean.
What was Phoenicia's most important contribution? The alphabet
How did then come up with some of the symbols? Borrowed simple form of Egyptian hieroglyphs; from Canaanites-22 symbols-no vowels
How do you read? Left to right
Where did the alphabet go from? Phoenicia to Europe
What is also based on the alphabet? Greeks, Romans, most western alphabets including English
What did Phoenicia give each letter? A name
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