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Tx exam 1

Ch 5 - Texas Republic

Houston's First administration: diplomacy -reduce military -made gov bonds
Houston's First administration: fiscal policy tight budget -reduce military -sell land
Houston's First administration: defense and Indian policy peace -tx rangers
Houston's First administration: land policy annexation - give land to discharged soldiers
Lamar's administration: movement of the capital - to Austin -central capital
Lamar's administration: public education "Father of Texas Education" -set aside lands for edu -sold land & $$ = school fund 1. Baylor 2. UT
Lamar's administration: foreign policy -Tx Homestead Act = immigrants -peace w/mx -st recognition from European -strong, independent nation
Lamar's administration: the Santa Fe Expedition -military sent to further land claim/take - more tx land!
Lamar's administration: Indian policy drive indians out -expulsion
Lamar's administration: Chief Duwali Cheeroke war... -pres. no like indians ..-> death by gen. Crane = cheeroke flee tx
Lamar's administration: Council House Fight Indians massacred at peace meeting b/c only 1 hostage
Lamar's administration: land policy independent, expand
Houston's Second administration: Vasquez and Woll Raids Santa Anna's generals to capture San Antonio then Woll to capture
Houston's Second administration: Mier Expedition Somervell (houston appointed) Expedition -> led by Fisher -> raided mx instead of rio grande......Santa Anna wanted alll dead
Houston's Second administration: "Black Bean Episode" Somervell (houston appointed) Expedition -> led by Fisher -> raided mx instead of rio grande -> mx execition if you chose a black bean
Houston's Second administration: Anson Jones -last pres. of tx -"Architect of Annexation"
Houston's Second administration: annexation of Texas "talks to annex w/England"
Created by: b0303642
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