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Tx exam 1

Ch 4 - Texas Revolution

Causes of TX trevolution The Fredonian Rebellion, Creole Resentment of Peninsulares, Lower class resentment
Character of TX rebel army volunteers rejected mx
Battle of Gonzales "Come and take it" -mx to take old cannon back
Matín Perfecto de Cos Santa Anna's cousin - sent to set order to San Antonio ---met w/tx to 'starve him'
Texan siege of San Antonio -weeks -no attack -desertions & ppl leave -then 4 day attack...surrender
James C. Neill stay in San Antonio = ALAMO -add military (against houston's say) -not enough ----ppl & time--- LEAVES...
William B. Travis -brings 30 men to the Alamo -once Neill leaves he leaves Travis in charge. -militia men -shared command w/Bowie
Jim Bowie (nice guy) importance of Alamo -famous for his big knife
Santa Anna's siege of the Alamo (during convention) 2 weeks.. wait for big guns --"no survivors" = glory ex: Davy Crocket hostage -> killed
Convention of 1836 (during Alamo) @Washington on the Brazos 44 ppl Declared independence from Mexico Houston in charge of Tx-army
James Fannin tactics! fighting! x- not a leader ->to help Alamo...'nope' listen to Houston("go North")
Battle of Coleto Creek/ Goliad Massacre Fannin camped ..fight....told to march... fired upon (2x alamo death)
Runaway Scrape after ---> Goliad Massacre---> Houston's Forces disband/ fled 1st to leave = San Antonio, Refugio, and San Patricio.
Battle of San Jacinto - fired a shot and started charging the Mexican army. - 15 minutes --> massacre. - Santa Anna's men = drafted men (no like) - Santa Anna loses 600 men. - Houston lost about 20 men
Treaties of Velasco - Santa Anna forced to sign treaties: --> Declare end to Hostilities --> Mexican Army out of Texas --> Santa Anna to use his influence to get the Mex. Gov't to recognize Texas INDEPENDENCE
Created by: b0303642
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