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Tx exam 1

Ch 3 - Mexican Texas

Federalist in Mx policy individual Mexican states (liberals) ---states w/ wide powers
Centralist in Mx policy strong central gov - aristocracy, military leaders, and church (concervatives)
Moses Austin usa negotiate land w/sp
Stephen Austin renegotiate land lawyer
Guadalupe Victoria 1st President of Mexico (federalist) No slavery national museum, edu ratified the boarder with the USA.
Texas Colonization Law 1. be catholic 2. Mx citizens and obey mx law 3. no slaves.. "indentured servants"
Green DeWitt Texas, emresario (2nd most successful after Austin (west of Austin's colony with Gonzales as headquarters)
Haden Edward and the Fredonian Rebellion large family empresario -> austin ppl on his land ->mx gov okay -->rebel!!!......Austin is against
Law of April 6. 1830 ban on usa imigration -encourage non-usa -->Austin negotiate..jailed for angry letter..let go
John D. Bradburn Mx.....responsible for collecting customs that Texans refused to pay Arrested William B. Travis for asking to have his slaves back.
Antonio López de Santa Anna sieze control of Mx (w/centralists) -no more Mx constitution -MOBILITY -fear tactics
Valentin Gómez Farías vp under Santa Anna -spoke of tx independence -kept wealthy privelege
Major ethnic groups in Mexican Tx Whites.......- Made up of Irish, English, Szechs, Germans, Poles slaves Natives Hispanic
Created by: b0303642